• 50% of videos not downloading


    50% of videos not downloading

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    I just upgraded to a premium account, and unfortunately about 50% of the videos I try to download wont work. When you enter the URL and hit “Grab It,” it usually shows an image of the video itself along with the download button. Well, about half the URLs I enter, it doesn’t load an image of the video, and when I click “Download,” it just opens up a new tab that brings me to videograbber’s homepage.

    Any idea how to fix this or how to get a refund? I’m downloading from lynda.com, and I have tried clearing the cache, restarting the browser, etc.

    50% of videos not downloading


    Hello, I am sorry for all the trouble that brings to you. By extensive testing, I guess the main reason for unsuccessful download is that you copy the wrong video URL of Lynda. If that is the case, you may refer to this support link.


    As the technology of video sharing networks is constantly changing, it might bring you some trouble for 50% of videos not downloading. But just be at ease, our technology is always evolving to meet the changing needs of users. Thanks for understanding.

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