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    A good site to watch Bollywood videos

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    I love watch watching Bollywood movies, the plots are always touching. This site brings hottest Bollywood movies and music.

    I made a test just now, videograbber can download videos from the site! That’s great!



    It is not working now. I found a video from this website and copied its URL. After I pasted the URL in the destination area and click on Grab It, it couldn’t download.



    I have experienced the same situation with you. I have used Video Grabber to download Bollywood videos, but it seems that this website has made some changes that you could not download the videos from this website easily with a normal downloading application now. I have tried anther downloading application – Video Download Capture, at the suggestion of this website. Now I could enjoy free Bollywood videos download. It is a much more advanced downloading software that could detect the URL of the video I am playing and download it automatically. To be honest, it is a good downloader worth your trying.



    I am also a devoted fan to Bollywood movies or songs. Here I have two other websites to share with you guys. One isYoutube, the other is Planetradiocity.

    YouTube, needless to say, is one of the most popular video sharing websites which offers a variety of videos uploaded by our net friends. We could enjoy the most popular videos here owing to the reviews by a large number of audiences. In spite of the limited video choices this site offered, we could effortlessly find an application to download bollywood videos free from it. Video Grabber, on this website, could also do.

    Planetradocity.com is a perfect website for Bollywood movie fans for it posted a multitude of Indian songs or movies there, which could fully satisfy your Indian videos watching pleasure. Search and watch Bollywood movies, exchange reviews with your friends there, nothing seems a more pleasing thing than throwing youself lazily in sofa, watching your favorite Bollywood videos on this website. However, the only one embarrassing thing is that I could not find an application which enables bollywood video free download. Video Grabber, I have tried, is not working. I wonder if I could use video Download Capture to capture videos from this website and how. By the way, it is safe or legal to download videos from Planetradocity? Anyone could give me a certain answer.


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    Compared with Video Grabber, Video Download Capture is a software with more complete functions. It could download video from nearly every website, including live video stream or RTMP protocol sites. So I think it could easily download videos from Planetradocity.com. One thing I could say, for sure, is that it is a clean software that is free from any virus. It is safe and legal for you to use. Here are the steps for you to follow to download bollywood videos.

    Step one: Launch Video Download Capture.

    Step two: Enter Planetradocity.com and play your wanted video. If its Video Detector is running, it could detect the video you are playing and download it automatically. If not, follow Step three.

    Step three: Copy and paste the URL in the URL bar, click on Add to Download. Then your downloading order is performed, and it won’t take a long time to grab you wanted video.

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