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    All-in-one online video downloader—zamzar.com

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    I’m a simple man and don’t like to install much software on my computer, so I’m searching for the methods to assist me download streaming videos online free. Based on my experience, zamzar.com is a practical web downloader.

    It is an old-brand online tool, and supplies the free service to download and convert streaming videos. You don’t have to register or install java, it is very convenient to download videos with the help of this site. Copy the webpage URL which contains the video and paste it to download box. Then, you can choose the output format, such as: flv, avi, mpeg, iPhone etc. Fill your email account and waiting, the downloaded videos will reach you email box within minutes according to the file size. You should be patient for sometimes the service is too busy, then it takes longer time to send the video to you. In addition, the local video files can be converted by zamzar as well.

    Compared to videograbber.net, it has one more function—convert. But I think no one will deny videograbber is a smart way to grab online video, at least, we don’t need to offer email address. You know society environment is not very safe currently, the privacy may be leaked out unintentionally. In short, I eagerly wish that videograbber would add the converting feature in the future. If so, this site will be the perfect one in my heart. :D

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