• MacTubes not working!


    MacTubes not working!

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    It’s “ERROR” again! I don’t understand why I can’t download videos by MacTubes sometimes. So, now I’m looking for the alternative downloaders. Please, give me some advice!

    MacTubes not working!

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    After excitedly upgrading your computer to Apple, you realize that there are much fewer video downloaders for Mac while a lot of downloaders applied to Windows. Then, finally you get the Mac Tube only to find that it does work on Mac, but it doesn’t work well sometimes. According to my experience and other users’ opinion, let’s make a review for Mac Tubes and find some alternatives.


    • Built-in video search engine. You can search videos by keyword, theme and even the user who uploaded it. Then you will get the same search results as you are visiting directly on YouTube.
    • Subscribing to YouTube. Mac Tubes enables you to subscribe to YouTube video channels and view or download them from your desktop which means you don’t need to actually visit the site.


    • Limited supported site. The biggest and most obvious short back of MacTubes for mac is that it only allows users to download videos from YouTube. Nowadays, there are many other fantastic video sites. Downloading from one site cannot meet users’ demand any more.
    • Unstability. It’s often the case that “download fail”, “failed” or “error” appear. On such occasion, this downloader becomes useless.
    • Complicated interface. Its interface is not user-friendly enough. Many users reflect that they have spent much time to figure out how to download a video successfully at their time.

    Alternatives for Mac Tubes
    Besides MacTubes downloads for mac, there are other downloaders can make it.

    Video Grabber

    Video Grabber is an online downloader which requires no download or installation. It supports more than 1000 videos cites, including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Blip and so on. And if you have any good site, you can recommend it to its technical engineer which makes it possible to download videos from your desired sites. Besides, it provides much more output formats and resolutions than Mac Tubes so that it can meet more demands. This website-based app is quite easy to use. What you need to do are just three steps: copy video’s URL, paste it in link bar and click “Grab it” on the main interface. Therefore no matter how unfamiliar you are with computer operating, you can download videos with no trouble.
    What’s more it is also a free converter which can be made use of if you find the downloaded video is not compatible with your devices.

    Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac

    If you download videos very frequently, perhaps you will prefer software, instead of app. This downloader, as well as a converter, is remarkable with “Video Detector” which can detect and download videos automatically. There are two methods to download a video.

    Method one:

    1. Visit the site from which you want to download. If it is one of the most popular video sites listed on interface of “Detector”, you can direct click that site to visit it. If not, you need to enter the site’s URL into address bar on that interface. Then click “Go”.

    2. Click the target video. After you are directed to that site, find the video to download and click it. Then a window with varied output formats will pop up, select the one you need, and tap on “Ok”. Few seconds later, it will be downloaded automatically.

    If you think those steps are not simple enough, you can adopt this way.

    Method two:
    When you are watching a video and want to download it, then just copy its link and click “Paste URL” button on the interface of “Downloader”. It can be added into download list immediately.

    This downloader has several features that above downloaders don’t have.
    1.It can download videos in batch mode, so it becomes unnecessary to download them one by one.
    2.You are also able to download RTMP videos. Moreover, you can enjoy it while it is downloaded.

    With those alternatives, you don’t need to worry any more when MacTubes not working.

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