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    Any advice for downloading videoslasher.com videos

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    Buddies, do you know how to download videos from videoslasher.com, i have a hard time trying to find a program for downloading my wanted videos, plz help me, thanks in advance :P


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    Hi friends,

    As far as I know, videoslasher.com is a new service for hosting videos, I tried it finding it allows you to stream, upload, store and manage videos. But I just noticed some featured videos, as a new video hosting site, videoslasher.com still needs to be improved and increase great user-friendliness.

    Surely, you are able to download videoslasher.com videos with video grabber pro. Once you select a video for playing, it will automatically grabbing videos after enabling Video Recorder, just spare a few minutes to finish downloading job.



    Only some featured videos can be seen with the main page, it’s not a video hosting site at all. Am i right?



    yeah, i sign in with my registered account, it just allows me to upload videos.

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