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    Any idea for downloading video from flickr?

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    How to download videos from Flickr? I changed my computer and lost the account on flickr. Now, I hope to get back my uploaded videos. What app can help me?



    Will RealPlayer work? It works with downloading YouTube vids. :roll:


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    Except of pretty photos, also there are many videos on flickr.com. From my experience, RealPlayer fail in downloading flickr videos. One solution is, you pay some fees and upgrade the RealPlayer to RealPlayer SP. The RealPlayer SP is more powerful and smarter. When you play a flickr video, the program will begin to find the video file. Then, you will see the download option appears on the webpage, click it to start downloading.

    However, if you want to save time and download videos from flickr in batch. I would like to recommend you using Video Download Capture. It is a clean program, after you install it by following some reminders, you can begin to download videos directly. But before that, it is better to do some settings. For example, you can click Options icon to specify a destination folder. I noticed that you mentioned that you want to download the vids which you uploaded before. That’s OK, find and play them. Don’t hesitate to open a few videos at a time because you are encouraged to do so. The program will auto-download fickr videos and save them to your local disk.

    In this way, you are able to get back your videos again. What’s more, this program will help you to download videos to various formats. The way is, after downloading, import videos to inlaid converter and convert them to any format you like.

    Actually, to download filckr videos is not a complicated thing. Try it by yourself now.



    I have searched online and found this software to download the streaming videos to the computer. This is free, easy to download, install and to use.



    Hello everyone,

    try to use the latest version of 4K Video Downloader – it supports Flickr download now. Here it step by step how to do it.

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