• Any suggestible Chrome youTube downloader


    Any suggestible Chrome youTube downloader

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    I often watch the YouTube videos on chrome browser, but one problem is that I couldn’t find a satisfying Chrome extension youTube downloader. Can anyone give some suggestions?

    Any suggestible Chrome youTube downloader


    I suggest you use Ultimate YouTube downloader. It works well with Chrome. It can download not only YouTube but also the flash videos. You can give it a go.

    Any suggestible Chrome youTube downloader

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    Hello, Thank you for your question.

    Google Chrome, as we all know, is a freeware web browser that runs web page and application with lighting speed. It contains a large quantity of information to satisfy your searching pleasure. Different from some other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome supports installation of Web applications and extensions. It is a safe place for your personal information provided when you register some web sites. For the fans of YouTube, one of the most popular video viewing websites, Chrome would be a fantastic browser for you to search and view YouTube videos. Besides, it is suggestible to have a desired video downloader at hand to bring out the combing advantage of chrome and YouTube video sites. Next, I would like to give a brief introduction of the two chrome YouTube downloader alternatives.

    One possible chrome extensionYouTube downloader

    Easy YouTube Video Downloader is the first one I’d like to suggest. It is a browser extension for Chrome which makes it possible to download YouTube videos for watching offline. Unlike other tools used for such kind of purpose, Easy YouTube Video Downloader necessitates no copying and pasting the URL of the video. Once the extensions installed, there will be a downloading button added to every YouTube video. You don’t even have to leave the web page to grab your desired videos. It is convenient and easy to operate. However, we should pay attention to other coin sides of it. Easy YouTube Video Downloader, as one chrome extension YouTube downloader, requires you to pay for your use. And there will be some other needless add-ons bound with the extensions and be saved in your default folder. Even worse, The Extensions installed are likely to produce drag to slow down your browsing speed or even disable your web page.

    Another different non-extension downloader

    In that case, you could try some other non-extensions for chrome YouTube download. Video Grabber for example, It is a stable free online downloading application. There is no need for you to worry its operation will retard the internet speed and disable the web page. Moreover, it is not limited to download YouTube videos only. Some other popular websites such as Metacafe, Liveleak, dailymotion, is also accessible to this program. Copy and paste the URL, you are provided with various options to download your videos in different format ranging from AVI to FLV. No Add-ons or Plug-ins, it is a safe and legal YouTube downloader for chrome. Furthermore, it is a full-fledged free online downloading application that combines with other functions, such as video editor, converter and screen recorder. It is your choice to convert the videos to mp3 or Convert video file.

    The above two mentioned downloading applications have their respective strengths and weaknesses. Easy YouTube video downloader enables you to download the videos without leaving the YouTube web page, while its non-free application or potential risks is inferior to Video Grabber in this aspect. As for users, I suggest you have a full consideration to balance between the advantages and disadvantages to choose your most desirable application to satisfy your downloading pleasure.

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