• Any good way to put videos on iPod


    Any good way to put videos on iPod

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    I want to put videos on my iPod for watching. I know that my iPod only plays video files in m4v, mp4, mov format. There is usually the case that I often search correct formats for my iPod. However, I was so much tired with the limited choices. Could anyone tell me how could I make full use of the video resources and put any video I like on my iPod? By the way, I am using iPod 5th generation.

    Any good way to put videos on iPod


    Hi, my friend, you could try the following ways.

    Buy from iTunes

    Any video file purchased from iTunes could play nicely on your iTunes. All you have to do is as follows.

    1, Pay your desirable video and download it
    2, Connect iTunes to your iPod.
    3, Synchronize your video with iPod.

    Convert video for iPod with iTunes

    ITunes could produce many video files from QuickTime compatible video formats, including mp4, MPEG, MOV. Follow the steps below.

    1, Click on File and then Add to Library or you could simply drag them into your Library window
    2, Highlight the video you want to convert
    3, Right-click your selected video and the choose Convert Selection for iPod in the drop-down list. Instantly, you could convert video to iPod format.
    4, Synchronize your iPod and enjoy your videos on iPod.

    Any good way to put videos on iPod


    I have loaded a couple of videos onto my newly bought iPod. However, one thing puzzling me a lot is that the video plays but without sound. I really had a hard time figuring out where the problems lie, but still in vain. What could I do?

    Any good way to put videos on iPod

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    I think that your video sound is muxed, meaning your video files contain interleaved audio and video tracks instead of being in separate tracks. Here are the steps for you to follow to figure out your problem.

    1, Open the original video in QuickTime player.
    2, Find Show Movie Information from Window menu.
    3, Click More Information and then Format
    If your video format is MPEG Muxed, which means that your video format doesn’t work with your iPod and iTunes. There is nothing you could do other than finding a third-party iPod video converter.

    Fortunately, there is a handful of software that could do as you like. Here I would like display only one example of an online application – Video Grabber.

    1, Enter Video Grabber homepage and find Convert Video File function
    2, Click Browse to find your video at your destination folder.
    3, Choose MOV format that is compatible with both iPod and iTunes.
    4, Click on Convert, Rename it, and save it in your folder.

    Then you could import the converted video to iTunes and sent it to your iPod.

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