• Anyclip.com – sharing any moment video clips


    Anyclip.com – sharing any moment video clips

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    Hello, every one, I wanna share your guys a wonderful video site-anyclip.com. There you could find tons of video clips, including movie clips, film trailers. So many best movie moments are there. You may have watched thousands of movies, and there always some best moments stamped on your mind. Now, on this page, you may dig them out.

    Anyclip.com – sharing any moment video clips


    Thanks for sharing. It’s so great. I found many video clips from ever popular movies. Definitely, they are the best moments for the whole story. However, when I want to save some heart clips to my computer, I cannot find the download button. Can someone offer a useful method to download clips from Anyclip? Hungrily need. Thank you in advance.

    Anyclip.com – sharing any moment video clips

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    Hello, thank for your post on this page. This is indeed a good website, I surfed it the whole morning. As is manifested by the name Anyclip, this page offers a large number of short videos, they are movie clips, trailers, micro movies.

    Most of the clips are shorter than 3 minutes. While viewing those clips, I have been trying hard to download them to my disk. After many fails, I guess those protected video clips may be streamed through some special protocol, so they cannot be downloaded by normal ways. If you really want to download clips from Anyclip for back view, I’d like to recommend you a popular method of screen record. If you don’t have reliable recorder, you may try this one below.

    Anyclip video Download online

    This is a Free Online Screen Recorder which is available on any browser, like Windows, Safari, Opera and IE. When you go to the page, you will find the button “Screen Recorder”, click it and “Start Recording”, a free screen record window would pop up. Don’t worry for any plug-ins or malwares, it’s totally clean. But you should allow the running of Java on this page.

    Main steps on how to use this Anyclip video downloader are provided:

    • Set the “Audio input” as “System Sound”.
    • Open the page anyclip.com and ready to play a clip you want to record.
    • Go back to the free screen recorder and choose a record region as “Full Screen” or “Region”.
    • Click the button “Start” and begin to record the screen you desired.
    • “Stop” the recording. You would get a high quality video clip to your PC.

    PS: If you want to record several video at one time, you should “Pause” the recorder, and then “Resume” it when the second video is broadcasting.

    A tutorial here would give a intuitive effects:

    This free app can allow you to download Anyclip video conveniently. If you are tired to open the page to load the free recorder every time, you can download and install a desk top version.

    Some users may want make their own short clips from their favorite movies and upload them to personal accounts like on YouTube and Facebook. Then, a clip maker would be appreciated. Next one is free recommended on this page.

    An easy operated any clip maker

    This any clip maker is an all in one video processing program, not only download video clip from the internet, but also edit those downloaded video easily. Install this program to your PC. And you can trim and crop your video as you like.

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