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    Anyone used VideoGrabber pro?

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    Videograbber is a very practical web app. Just now I noticed that the app has a pro version software. I read the introduction, it said VideoGrabber pro has capacity to grab video from most sites and features more functions. Now I’m curious about whether this software is good to use. Anyone used it? Can you kindly share your experience with me? If it is a great software, I’d like to buy one.


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    Video grabber pro works its magic for video downloads. The only reason I use it is because I need some tool to convert and edit videos I downloaded.



    Hey, simpson. I bought videograbber pro last week, it works like a magic and really worth the price.

    Compare to videograbber, it supports me to download videos from more sites. The way of download is complete automatic. I must mention the Advanced Video Recorder feature, it is so powerful to download encoded videos from many official broadcaster sites like ABC, CBS, BBC, CNN etc. Record Screen function enables me to record live videos and performances.

    In fact, videograbber pro is not just a video downloader. It features video converter and editor as well. After downloading, you can convert videos to popular video or audio formats as you like. The small editor can help you crop, trim and add effects to video. From my experience, the program is useful, it saves me much effort. I suggest you download it first, it will give you 7 days free trial.


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    Thanks for paying attention to videograbber pro. Kasper gave a nice guide to its features. All the users know that the program is able to download, convert and record videos. Here, I’d like to tell you some features which most users don’t familiar with. However, they are also very practical.

    1. Protect you from downloading ads. When you use videograbber to download videos, it will detect and download both commercial ads before video and actual video files. Then, you have to remove the ads cause they are not what you want. Actually, the program is able to exclude these ads. You should do some settings. Click Tools—Options, in the bottom of General tab. Regulate detection video size, length and formats. Most ads are swf file within 30 secs. According to your needs, you can make changes in this section.
    2. Search online videos for downloading. Under the download list is the search area. You can see the Top Favorites, Top Rated, Top Viewed videos with ease. Additionally, you are able to enter the keyword in the box, set the duration and find interested videos. Click on the video thumbnail, you can preview the video with built-in player. Click the small plus sign icon, the video will be downloaded.

    3. Allow you to edit audio. Find Audio Editor in the Tools menu.

    4. Add videos and audio files to iTunes directly. Also in the Tools. It can convert videos to the suitable format and sync them in the iTunes library.

    What about try out these functions now?



    I tried and tried with other apps to download an embedded video with no luck. Searched for any app that might be able to out do all the video downloading apps I have. Video Grabber is the first one I found so I was dubious. But IT WORKED! I’m psyched. I’m a believer and VGPro will be an app I use many times in the future. Thanks, guys (and ladies).

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