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    Anyway to convert low quality video to HD?

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    I just downloaded a video from youtube, but the quality is too low. I wanna turn it into a higher quality. Anybody knows how to convert low quality video to high quality video, please tell me. Thank you very much.



    I’m afraid it’s hard to convert low quality video to high quality. You’d better directly download high quality video.



    Hey, I can’t agree with you. Many such kind of videos can be found from youtube, you can check it out.


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    Thank you for your excellent question. What’s next in the instruction will guide you to find the answer of your question.

    In order to convert low quality video to high quality, you gotta make use of a program. Streaming Video Recorder can solve this problem with ease, because it is capable of converting multiple video formats and offering high quality conversion.

    Simple steps to convert low quality video to HD

    1. Choose Convert and click Add button to import your video to this program
    2. Click Profile to select the video format and high quality of 1080P
    3. Click Start to begin converting

    When the conversion is finished, a window pops up to remind you. You can check your video in the destination folder. The whole process ends, so easy, right? Besides, you can convert videos in batch so that it will save your time.

    Apart from this function, this program has the ability to download videos in batch from plenty of video-sharing sites, like youtube, metacafe, vimeo, spike, clip and more. In addition, you can use Record Screen option to record live streaming video. It gives you the chance to download video and convert formats at a time.


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    No matter what anyone tells, it is hard to turn SD video into HD video. As far as i know, it is an impossible task. Maybe a good converter has the ability to convert videos without destroying the quality. But, i don’t think there is any way that can convert SD videos to HD videos.

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