• ask.fm – an amazing social networking site


    ask.fm – an amazing social networking site

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    Hi, my friends, I feel so glad to share with you this social networking site –ask.fm. It is an amazing website which could provide you with a platform for you to enlarge your social circle. Different from other social media, it is a website which features Ask and Answer service. You could ask the members of this site the most private questions or invite questions from them to answer yourself. It is your choice to give video response or not.

    After your register, you could follow your heart to find your new friends. You can know well how is your new friend like by his/her responses to various questions asked by other members here. And you could ask your friend the thing you want to know about him or her most, such as: Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Or you could seek solutions to your problems which puzzle you a lot, such as a question like this: How to begin a conversation with a stranger?

    Don’t you think life would be much more pleasing when you find that lots of friends are ready there to lend an ear to your heart.

    ask.fm – an amazing social networking site


    But I have a question about this website. I want to know whether there is an application to download video from ask.fm. I mean the video response. I have tried lots of downloading application, but none could do as I like. It is not a website like YouTube where the videos could be easily grabbed with a normal downloader. I wonder if anyone succeeded in downloading the video responses from this website.

    ask.fm – an amazing social networking site

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    Thank you for sharing with us this website. I tried several applications to download videos from ask.fm. There is only one downloader worked. That is Video Download Capture. If you had a hard time in looking for an available application, I think Video Download Capture is worth your trying.

    The following are the steps for you to follow.

    1, Download Video Download Capture from the website I gave you.

    2, Enter your friend’s home page where there is a Video response you want to download, and copy the URL of the website.

    3, Run Video Download Capture, paste the URL in the destination area, and click on Add to Download.

    4,This software could detect the video in this webpage. Then play the video in Video Download Capture, and there will be a window popping up at the low right corner signifying the exact URL of the video has been detected and is being downloaded.

    After all this done, you could find the video in your default folder. Hope you could enjoy Video download on ask.fm.

    ask.fm – an amazing social networking site



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