• Ask for help to download videos from worldstarhiphop.com


    Ask for help to download videos from worldstarhiphop.com

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    I’m here to find someone who can help me download a video from worldstarhiphop.com, as there is a video on this site that I wanna save on my pc. Thank you in advance.

    Ask for help to download videos from worldstarhiphop.com


    Maybe you can try the firefox extension, I know it can download videos from youtube. :)

    Ask for help to download videos from worldstarhiphop.com

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    Thank you for asking us this question, and it’s my honor to explain the way to download videos from worldstarhiphop.com for you. As a matter of fact, saving worldstarhiphop video on your computer is not such a difficult thing, now here are two ways I’d like to introduce.

    First way: Video Download Capture

    Video Download Capture is a professional program to download multiply videos simultaneously. It’s easy to manage, because you only need to launch the program before you play the video. Then the program will automatically detect the video URL and add it to the download list.

    If you ask for converting the video format, the option Convert included in this program is prepared for you. You can convert it in batch to fit your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android etc. This will save you a lot of time.

    One salient advantage of this program is that it supports RTMP video download, like Hulu, Yahoo! Video, Myspace etc. Choose the option Advanced Video Recorder, an inlaid window turns up. Copy and paste the video URL, this program will auto-detect the video URL and download it.

    More functions are designed for your requirement, like record screen and edit video. If you need, download, convert and edit can be completed all-in-one.

    Second way: Online Converter

    Unlike Video Downloader Capture, Online Converter is a free online app to convert various file formats, including audio converter, video converter, image converter etc. Hence, this is a good tool you can utilize to get what you want.

    The way of using it to download videos from worldstarhiphop is easy. Open this site, choose the output format from the Video Converter tab, copy and paste the video URL, fill in the Optional setting and click Convert file.

    When the processing is finished, a window pops up to save the video in your folder. Afterwards, the downloader embedded in the browser will automatically download the video.

    Comparing the two ways, I believe you have found the suitable one. Now, enjoy yourself.

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