• Efficient way to download all videos from Lynda

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    Efficient way to download all videos from Lynda

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    Lynda.com is a famous online educational site which creates a plenty of learning video resources. It opens a part of courses to all the viewers for watching free. While premium members is permitted to watch any videos without limit. Since many people wish to download Lynda for studying and watching conveniently, Video Grabber had added this site to supported download list. However, feedbacks show that the Lynda videos cannot be downloaded successful recently. That’s mainly because that Lynda changed its way to encode videos. To meet users’ need, we made adjustment and fixed the issue on failing to do Lynda download. Now, you are allowed to download all Lynda courses in a more powerful way.

    No more steps, you can download videos using URL as before. For processing the download job smoothly, I advise you to clear the browser cache and Java cache completely. Then, follow the below instructions to save Lynda tutorial.

    To begin with, open Lynda and Video Grabber sites. Browse Lynda to discover your interested courses. For example, you want to learn some knowledge on Excel. Just enter the related courses and copy the webpage link address. Back to Video Grabber homepage, put the link to download area and select “Grab it” button. Instantly, a window pops up to ask your permission to run Java. It’s okay, let the applet to work on the browser. A few seconds later, a full list appears on the webpage. The titles and duration of Lynda courses will show clearly. Under each video title, the download links are listed. Currently, the app supports you to download Lynda video to MP4, MOV, WMV, 3GP and F4V formats. Select the desired media type, right-click on the “Download” icon. Next, choose the target folder for storing downloaded files. In this case, you can add other videos you want to the download queue.

    Before some video names, you will see the key-shaped icon. It means that the videos are only can be downloaded after signing to Lynda. Then, click the link to logging and download videos to computer. At last, I should say we have just improved this function, so is still in beta. Perhaps it is not very stable, then please try several times more or try again later.

    Except of this method, Video Grabber pro gives an ultimate solution to batch download Lynda videos. Here are the detailed steps:

    • Download the program, install it by following the guides.
    • Launch it and hit “Options”, adjust the “Maximum Simultaneous Downloads” item.
    • Copy the playlist address on Lynda and bring it to URL box on Video Download Capture.

      Press “Add to Download” button.

    • The program will analyze the URL and list all the downloadable video in popup window. If it requires you to log in, just sign in or cancel.
    • Choose the Lynda tutorials you need and carry out download jobs.

    Check the download list, you will see the statue and progress of each video download task. Compared to online tool, Video Grabber pro allows you to download Lynda playlist faster and simpler.

    If you meet any troubles when downloading videos, please reply here. And we will make every effort to clear up your confusions.

    Efficient way to download all videos from Lynda


    I am unable to download the videos the way in which it is mentioned in this article. I have to download each and every individually. How to download the entire course? When i put the url i get a red exclamtion mark.

      • Olivia (author) : Hello, you need to login your Lynda account to download videos. If you are not a registered member, you won't have access to the videos you need.
      • 2014-04-14 06:32 Reply
    Efficient way to download all videos from Lynda


    I am getting the “locked” icons near the videos on the right. I click on the login to lynda link, enter my password, then it just goes to the main page of lynda meanwhile the videograbber page remains locked. This process repeats every time I try and login to lynda.

    Any help?

      • Olivia (author) : Please use the web browser IE to log into the Lynda first and then try it again.
      • 2014-06-18 02:54 Reply
      • jamflu2 reply to Olivia : Hmm when I try on IE. AFter clicking the grabit button I get"Enable this function, you need to install the Jave plug-in. Click here to install the Java plug-in. After the installation is complete, please reload this page"I go through and install Java and this message comes up every time. Tried re-isntalling Java and restarting, same thing. It doesn't say this on other browsers.
      • 2014-09-19 05:50 Reply
    Efficient way to download all videos from Lynda


    I tried to batch download via the trial product. I had to click evaluate for each video which I assume is because I was using a trial version of the program. I was ultimately able to download all of the videos, but there was a problem. There was a video completely unrelated to the course I was downloading that was downloaded multiple times in place of many of the videos that were part of the course I was trying to download.

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