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    Best firefox add-ons – netvideohunter

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    I just see some users to recommend firefox add-ons to download online videos, it seems workable for getting videos easily, but personally speaking, Netvideohunter is the best add-ons for firefox. It can help me download videos from a great number of video-sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, veoh etc. When I install netvideohunter on my firefox browser, I just need to play the target video, the smart add-on will capture its video link. At this time, you will see a blue icon right inside the lower right corner of firefox, directly hit Download icon to get your favored videos. Note here, once right-click your downloaded item, you may choose any quality that the original video quality contain. Another cool feature is its built-in player, just preview the video to make sure everything gonna be right. I dare say this could be a nice and free video download solution.

    Best firefox add-ons – netvideohunter


    Thank you for sharing your free grab ways here, but I just navigate to this site. In the process of installing this plugin, it always prompt me to restart my browser, I do not know why. Perhaps something wrong goes with my firefox browser. Can anyone tell me what’s happened? :?:

    Best firefox add-ons – netvideohunter

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    You cannot install netvideohunter on your browser, that’s because the plugin may be not compatible with your current version of Mozilla Firefox. You’d better upgrade your older version to the latest version. For example, version 1.9.1 is a better option for you. Once you fix this problem, you can install the add-on and start using now.

    Perhaps you feel troublesome to download and install the add-on on your computer and fear that those add-ons will damage your PC. Then what about using a free online service as your netvideohunter alternative? In this way, you do not need to signup, download plugins, apps or any stuff. Video grabber is exactly the one to hook you up. As long as you visit this site, only copy and paste the url into download area, your video will be downloaded automatically. This app also supports hd video downloads.

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