• Best free web services for downloading video


    Best free web services for downloading video

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    I am glad to share my hacks in your forum. Quite a few users post here to offer their ideas, I found most of them are constructive, some suggestions really do me a favor. To grab online videos on your desktop without any charges, you do not need to download apps or plugins cuz now free web services are available for downloading videos. I just collect a list of free video web services and wanna share every one of here.

    Now choose the best for using

    1. Videograbber

    In my experience, this tool works the best. Download online videos simply by copying and pasting the url, no add-ons pop up. More importantly, unlike other free online tools, you do not need to install java. The downloaded videos will be either saved as mp4 or flv. A full list of video sites are supported here. It works smoothly on any browsers.

    2. SaveTube

    Something like videograbber, but ahead of downloading, Java needs to be downloaded. The downloaded video can be converted to mp3 directly with conversion bar. Everything works fine on firefox or Google browser.


    You need to install plugins on your browser first, but it just seems workable for saving YouTube videos. Vixy not only offers download functions but also has conversion features.


    This free online conversion web service helps you to convert online videos to avi, mp4, mov etc, in other words, you can save online videos on your local disks. But sometimes it is filled with ads, only a limited number of sites work well.

    Good luck for you :lol:

    Best free web services for downloading video

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    Portman, thanks for sharing your great hacks here. And thanks again for your objective comment to our site.

    We insist on working hard and learning good points from our competitors. As you know, videograbber is a free online video downloader and we never force users to install Java or other plugins. Our staffs hope to develop this site as a user-friendly, workable tool for everyone. So we welcome and encourage users to give advice to us. From users’ feedback, we know that videograbber still has drawback. In order to make up these weak points, we developed videograbber pro. This software is able to do works in various aspects.

    For example, some users suggested us to add more sites to our support list. Then you will find videograbber pro is able to download videos from almost any sites. Advanced Video Recorder even gives you chances to download RTMP video files. To some sites which are protected videos from downloading, Record Screen feature is a practical solution. If you want to convert video formats for smart phones, the built-in converter can be utilized. Although the software will cost your some dollars, it works well to worth the price. Currently, we give users 7 days free trial. Don’t hesitation to download it and experience more benefits.

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