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    Best sites to download videos for mobile? List some for me!

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    I bought a new mobile phone recently, and got a large storage capacity after inserting the micro SD card. So I thinking about saving some videos for my device, can you tell me which is the best site to download videos for mobile?


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    In the spare time, watching videos on mobile is a good way to relax. And enjoy videos on the move has already became a fashion trend. If you want to download videos for mobile, you can download videos on pc and transfer them to your phone. Or, download videos on mobile directly.

    OK, let me explain to you specifically. Videograbber is an online video downloader which enables you to download online videos from YouTube, Vimeo, 5min, aniboom etc. After you enter url in download region and hit Grab it button, it will provides you several download links. The information of download resource shows beside these link, then you can choose video quality and format as you like. Lots of mobiles accept 3GP and MP4, so it is important to choose the right format. After downloading, you can send downloaded videos to mobile without conversion.

    Or, you can try Tubidy. It allows you to download videos for mobile with several steps. On it, you can search the videos by keywords. Related videos will appear, click on the one you want and begin to download. But, tubidy doesn’t support you to download videos via url. You can only download videos in the site’s video library.

    Another reasonable way is to download video on mobile directly. If you use Android phone, the best choice is using m.videograbber.net. You can download vids like this. Launch the browser in your mobile, visit m.videograbber.net. Operations are same as how you download videos on computer. How do you think, is it a good site to download videos for mobile? Besides, you can search videos on the site and save them to mobile.

    All right, those are my suggestions. The decision is up to you.

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