• Best way to import YouTube video to iTunes?


    Best way to import YouTube video to iTunes?

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    I want to watch YouTube on iTouch offline. So, I think I must import YouTube to Itunes first. Could you teach me how to do this work? Thanks in advance. :D

    Best way to import YouTube video to iTunes?


    Hey, you need a YouTube to iTunes converter, search it in google!

    Best way to import YouTube video to iTunes?

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    Indeed, you will meet some troubles when watching videos on iTouch if you can’t connect to Wi-Fi. Then, for solving the problems, the best way is to import YouTube videos to iTunes as you thought. In order to finish this task, you can do like this.

    If you have already stored YouTube videos in the computer local disk, check the video file type before sending them to iTunes. Mp4 and MOV videos can be recognized by iTouch, and you can send them to iTunes library directly. Assuming the YouTube videos are FLV, WMV, MKV or other formats, you should do conversion job. Go to Video Grabber homepage, hit Convert Video File tab. Browse your files to find videos, select the target format as MP4. Okay, you can start converting. The online converter is totally free. Alternatively, you can try video grabber pro. The software helps you convert videos in batch. And you are allowed to use Add to iTunes function. In this case, your videos will be converted and synced to iTunes within one step. Later, plug your iTouch into computer and update video archive.

    And, if you don’t know well about how to download from YouTube, please read this guide.

    Step 1: Copy the link address of your wanted YouTube video.
    Step 2: Input the URL to download bar on Video Grabber, press Grab it button.
    Step 3: The download links will appear, choose output format as Mp4.
    Step 4: Select destination folder and save YouTube videos.
    Step 5: After downloading, you can import YouTube to iTunes easily.

    The whole process is happens on your browser, there’s no necessary to sign up or install extra app. The above methods apply to Windows and Mac operating systems. Have fun, enjoy fantastic YouTube videos with iTouch on the go.

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