• Can I download dotsub videos?


    Can I download dotsub videos?

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    I’m preparing for my research project, my idea is to add some videos into my PPT presentation to enrich the content. On dotsub, I discovered a nice video. So, can you help me download video from dotsub?

    Can I download dotsub videos?

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    On dotsub.com, most videos are subtitled with multiple languages. For this reason, the site attracts the viewers from all around the globe. A large number of language learners also like watching dotsub videos. You can embed these videos on your personal blog, Facebook, Twitter or MySpace homepage with ease. But, with regard to download dotsub video, you need to have the aid of a professional video downloader. Notice here and see how to carry out the download job.

    1. Download video grabber pro to your computer, install it quickly.
    2. Run the program and enable the video recorder.
    3. Go to dotsub as you usual do, play the video which you want to download.
    4. Video grabber pro will detect the video and starting download task. You also can download videos from dotsub in batch. Just open several videos simultaneously.
    5. After downloading, hit Open Folder button to check the video in output folder.

    Tips: This method also supports you to download videos from other popular video-sharing sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Spike, collegehumor and many more. While, assuming that you want to download videos which encrypted with rtmp protocol, the Advanced Video Recorder will be your helper. About the specific operation, just refer to related posts in our forum.

    The downloaded dotsub videos are MP4 file which can be inserted into PowerPoint directly. In PowerPoint, switch to Insert option, select Video from File in the Video menu. Add local video file to PPT. In fact, you are permitted to put dotsub video into PPT without downloading dotsub video. Hit Video from Web Site in ppt, paste video embed code into the provided text box. The method is quite simple, it also brings trouble at the same time. The video in PPT only displays fluently when connecting to the Internet. All in all, make your choice based on the actual situation.

    Good luck, I wish you can finish the research project smoothly.

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