• Can I download videos from crunchyroll?


    Can I download videos from crunchyroll?

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    Hi, I wanna download crunchyroll videos and just hope to type the url for downloading with video grabber, I tried it, but nothing happens. Is it possible to add this site into your download list? Also I wanna save crunchyroll video as mp4 format so that I can play on my iPod. Plz help, thanks in advance.

    Can I download videos from crunchyroll?

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    Thank you for asking question here, I’d really appreciate your involvement. Crunchyroll is a good site to watch anime videos, just like you, quite a few users enjoy visiting this site. First, I wanna say that video grabber does not work for crunchyroll video download because the site encrypts the video content. Thereby, you cannot grab its videos by the normal ways.

    But video grabber pro does this magic for you, just do it as below:

    Method one: after installing this app, please Enable Video Recorder, quick hit on Advanced Video Recorder, just enter the crunchyroll url into built-in browser, click Go or enter to load the video. A few seconds later, your videos will be automatically downloaded. Screenshot shows below:

    Tips 1: when you put the url into built-in browser, sometimes you cannot mange to play and grab the video. just delete browsing history in your browser.

    Or else, just clear cache in built-in browser of video grabber pro and reload your page, problems will be solved.

    Tips 2:Sometimes when you have already grabbed crunchyroll video, but the video can’t playback normally in built-in browser and get an error. No worries, it won’t affect your normal video downloads, you can get it playback with inlaid media player during downloading. Here’s how to: add video to download list and right click Play. Awesome, you are able to play crunchyroll video while downloading.

    Method two: Use Record Screen function in video grabber pro, after playing the video, just choose the area to record screen as video activity. You may record crunchyroll videos based on your chosen modes. Warning, this method is also practical in recording live streaming video or any video stuff you like.

    As for saving crunchyroll videos on your iPod, it can be so easy that you just need to add them for converting after downloading. Directly right- click Add to convert, choose mp4 as your wanted output format. You are sure to download crunchyroll videos to your iPod.

    Can I download videos from crunchyroll?


    This post also remove my puzzle.For a long time, I find the videos on crunchyroll is hard to download off.
    A moment ago, I downloaded videograbber pro. It really works for downloading crunchyroll videos! Luckily, the videos can play normally in the built-in browser. And I won’t feel boring for I can watch the video while downloading. The pro version of videograbber is powerful, I’m thinking about purchase one after the free trial days ends. :D

    Can I download videos from crunchyroll?


    Really works for downloading, but it needs to cost a little. :geek:

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