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    Can I grab YouTube video as avi format?

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    With videograbber, I can grab Youtube videos easily. Most online downloaders come out bad video quality but videograbber gives me chances to grab high definiton video on YouTube. Still, I have a problem. The videos downloaded by videograbber are in flv or mp4 format. Can I save Youtube video as avi? Thanks!



    Based on my experience, the original video format determines your output format. Since you download youtube videos as flv or mp4, the final format will be like this. But no worries, video grabber pro will solve your puzzles that comes with video converting features. Select avi or any one of your wanted format. click “convert” and add videos for converting, it also process batch conversion job.



    The only solution is to convert videos to avi format after downloading them.
    Go to cnet, you can find a lot of video converters, the one which I use is Any video converter.
    Once you have a converter on pc, you can grab YouTube videos as avi successfully.



    My choice is using Flash Video Downloader, an add-on from Firefox. It is able to convert videos to mp4, avi, wmv after downloading. You should make some settings first, then, it is easy to grab YouTube videos as avi. :ugeek:

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