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    Can someone help me find a useful streaming video downloader

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    I was stumped by the question of missing my favorite streaming videos frequently. I was unable to watch them unless I was free. So can someone introduce me good software to download video stream? You will do me a great favor.



    There are many such problem on the forum, you can search it and find the best solution. Hope you success.


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    In fact, quite a lot of people have met such problem. It isn’t as difficult as you thought.
    In order to solve your confusion, I’d like to share you a streaming video downloader that will be a good helper to you. Video Download Capture is the program I want to introduce to you.

    The reason I introduce it is from three main functions. Firstly, the program can automatically grab the video URL as you open the website can play it. Or else, you can just copy and paste the video URL into the download bar. It’s your decision. Secondly, you can convert video formats to fit your device. It contains quite a lot of formats. Thirdly, you can record screen especially when you want to download live streaming videos. Because it’s hard to grab the video URL, the only solution is to record screen. You can do this effortless.



    I come here to give you some tips.
    Videograbber pro is a workable tool, I have used it for several months. I can download most online videos with it.
    Video DownloadHelper is a very popular addon for Firefox. It is able to download video as MP4 and convert them.
    For Mac users, my suggestion is ClipGrab. You can use it to download videos and organize them as playlists.
    You also can try some online video downloader like videograbber or keepvid etc.

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