Can someone tell me how to convert a gif into a video?

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    Can someone tell me how to convert a gif into a video? I wanna upload the video to facebook for sharing with friends. I don’t mind buying a software as long as it offers me a free trial and it works.

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    Your question is worth a complete answer.Speaking to the answer, I’m going to offer you two selections. In case that you confront it one day, you will take it easy.

    Selection One: Online Converter

    Online Converter is a free tool you can use to convert any files online, because it includes audio converter, video converter, image converter, document converter etc. In my opinion, it is the most direct way to make gif into video.

    Once you enter the website, choose the Video Converter tab and select the desired format. Next, you should click Choose File to input gif to the webpage, set Change Size and Change video bitrate and click Convert file. After converting, a download window pops up to prompt you to save the video into the target file.

    One limitation is that it enables you convert only one gif each time. So when you need to convert a bunch of gifs, this way becomes complicated. But it still works, and you can merge these videos into one with Video Grabber Pro, which is an useful software in this respect.

    However, another selection seems more convenient as it can remove this limitation.

    Selection Two: Windows Live Movie Maker

    If you decide to choose this way, you gonna download a program to convert gifs into video. Windows Live Movie Maker can make it right as it is a good helper to make videos. If you had installed the program on your computer, it’s better.

    Compared with Online Converter, this program can be used to convert various gifs into a video, and you have access to edit the video by yourself. Then, what’s next?

    1. Import gifs to this program
    2. Edit gifs with some settings
    3. Click Save Movie to convert gifs into wmv video format

    As long as you start the program, you will naturally learn the way to operate. It can’t be easier. Supposing that you wanna upload the video on youtube or facebook, you should convert the wmv video into the flv format, which is supported by youtube and facebook.

    On this occasion, you can also use Video Grabber pro to convert wmv video to flv. Besides, you can batch download videos from many video websites, convert video format to fit your devices and simple edit your video like the option of Merge videos into one file.

    Two solutions have already presented to you. I hope they can do you a favor.

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    Thank you for ur particular answer. It works, the only question is that i dont know the right format for my iPod Touch. Can you help me?

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    Of course, I’d love to.General speaking, iPod Touch supports MP4 video format. If you have used the Video Grab Pro, you will find the Convert tab easily. Choose the Profile, you can directly convert the video to mp4 format. Otherwise, you can choose the option to Apple, which is a format specializing in iPoad Touch and iPhone. I hope it helps you.

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