• Can’t capture crackle videos and movies? Help please.


    Can’t capture crackle videos and movies? Help please.

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    I watched an excellent movie on crackle. I tried to capture it with the normal way which I used to capture online videos but failed. Is it possible to capture crackle video? Any suggestions?

    Can’t capture crackle videos and movies? Help please.

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    Crackle.com is a cool video site, viewers can watch videos on it free. The most attractive point is crackle has a movie section, you can watch classical and latest full-length movies in it. It also hosts various kinds of original TV series, they are all very interesting. The quality of crackle videos is quite good, so it is a good thinking to capture crackle video for offline playback. Of course, you need a program to do this job. All right, my suggest is to try Video Download Capture.

    This program has capacity to capture most online streaming videos. The following steps show you how to carry through the downloading task.

    1. Get this video downloader and install it on PC.
    2. Launch it and enable the video recorder.
    3. Go and find your wanted video or movie on crackle.com, copy the webpage url.
    4. Select Advanced Video Recorder to open the built-in browser. Put the url into address bar, press Enter Key.
    5. The program will detect video source and capture video from crackle automatically. In the download list, you can see the downloading progress and other information.

    Note: Videos from crackle are encoded by rtmp protocol, so you should make use of advanced recorder. If you using Video Download Capture to capture video from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and etc. The operations are much easy. While the video playing, the program could capture online video.

    Most Crackle videos are in high definition, and you can watch them in large window even full screen. Then, another way of downloading crackle videos is to have the aid of screen recorder. Video Download Capture is an all-in-one tool, so it provides you the power to record anything that displayed on your desktop. Hit Record Screen button to gain this benefit, start recording videos now!

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