• Can’t download video showing wrong duration


    Can’t download video showing wrong duration

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    I am having difficulty downloading this Youtube video of my friend singing her songs, using Keepvid and Videograbber:

    The video is actually 12:25 in length but displays a length of 0:47. My friend was inexperienced in video upload when she uploaded the video in September 2011 and apparently the upload program kept cutting out after about 47 seconds several times before she succeeded. The incorrect running time presumably comes from her earlier attempts to upload the video.

    Unfortunately, KeepVid and Videograbber both read the 0:47 video length and will only download that much of the video. I want to save the whole video to hard-drive. I wrote to the Contact email address for Keepvid several days ago but have so far received no response.

    Can anyone advise me on how I can download the whole video despite this fault?

    (By the way, in case anyone is wondering, my friend is fine with me downloading her video and she and her band often autograph for me the DVDs I make from dowloaded Youtube clips of their performances when I bring them along to their gigs.)

    Can’t download video showing wrong duration

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    Hey David,

    I just checked it out, when I paste the URL into the download address bar of Video Grabber, the downloaded video displays a length of 0:47, then I tried Video Grabber Pro, the length is the same. I guess it might be the problem while uploading your videos. But one suggestion for you, you can record your wanted video with screen recording applications. Video Grabber features “Screen Recorder”, you simply hit on it and tap “Start Recording”, after loading Java applet, the Free Screen Recorder will pop up, you are able to select the recording modes, like Region, Full screen, Around mouse, etc. Please remember that what you can watch is what you can record.

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