• Can’t download videos from sapo.pt!!!


    Can’t download videos from sapo.pt!!!

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    I used to use Video Grabber to download videos from youtube, but it didn’t work on downloading videos from sapo.pt. Why and how can I download videos from sapo.pt? 8-)

    Can’t download videos from sapo.pt!!!

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    I’m sorry for that. Video Grabber is a free online video downloader. There are times that it has no access to grab video from the website that it doesn’t support. Now, we’re working on it.

    But it doesn’t mean you are unable to download videos from sapo.pt. You can use the program, Video Grabber Pro, a senior version of Video Grabber. With it, you can batch download videos from sapo.pt. Process is simple.

    1. Download the program and run it
    2. Play the video of sapo.pt

    Two steps solve your problem, believe it or not, the program can automatically capture the video URL and add it to the download taskbar. Even if you want to download several videos together, it’s ok. Save you a lot of time, isn’t it?

    Furthermore, you have no need to look for another way to convert your video format. It also copes with converting video formats, like wmv, mp4, flv, avi etc. In the duration of conversion, you can play the video with its built-in player while it is converting.

    Now, quick move, download videos from sapo.pt as long as you like.

    Can’t download videos from sapo.pt!!!


    Thank you, Selena. You really,really do me a great favor. Give it a shot.

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