• can’t download viki videos


    can’t download viki videos

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    Hey, do you know a site or an app that could download viki video? i just find some great videos on it, any ideas here?

    can’t download viki videos


    The videos on viki.com are streamed as rtmp protocol, i cannot grab its videos by the normal apps or addons, i use camstudio to record its videos, it seems tricky with other alternatives.

    can’t download viki videos

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    Hi, friends

    You said it, viki.com features a wide selection of episodes with English subs including Asian dramas, music videos, animations, variety shows and many more. Despite it has sparse adverts on this site, there are times that you wanna download from viki.

    Vincent just recommends Camstudio to record viki videos, it is indeed part of the solution, but it’s not the easy way out. The reason is that users are difficult to control their recordings. You have to look out the surroundings in order to record videos in high quality. Besides, it’s troublesome to keep your videos playing until the recording finishes.

    Based on the above, finding a professional viki video downloader has been necessary. Now I am going to advise video grabber pro, which plays the part of downloading rtmp videos. You are able to download viki videos in just a few clicks.

    Concrete steps:

    1. Install video grabber pro
    2. Navigate to viki.com for playing a video you wanna download
    3. Open built-in browser of Advanced Video Recorder
    4. Enter the video link and click Go
    5. The video is added into download list

    Repeat the steps above to download videos from viki. If you still have any problems about manipulation, please refer to this demo.

    You’ve just noticed that video grabber pro also comes with Screen Record function, in case that you fail in downloading any videos, this will be another alternative.

    can’t download viki videos


    If u have an ipod or ipad, there is an app called video d/l. I have been able to download viki videos with this app.

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