• Can you download TVNZ video?


    Can you download TVNZ video?

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    There are a lot of news videos and TV episodes on tvnz.co.nz. I really need a program which can download videos from TVNZ for me. Can you recommend me a useful tool?

    Can you download TVNZ video?

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    As far as I know, tvnz.co.nz is the official site of Television New Zealand. It offers the contents from TV1, TV2, TVNZ Kidzone24, TVNZ ondemand and more channels. However, the streaming videos on this site are somewhat special, and common ways won’t help you download videos from TVNZ successfully. For the purpose of copyright protection, more and more sites are using RTMP protocol to encrypt the videos. For saving this kind of videos, you can try two ways.

    Solution 1: Draw support from screen recorder
    Programs like Camstudio, Screen Recording Suite and Krut computer recorder are able to record anything that displayed on your computer screen. Then, you can launch the program to record TVNZ videos while watching. But it brings the inconvenience, you have to play the whole video and can’t do other things on your computer.

    Solution 2: Download TVNZ video with Video Grabber pro
    Video grabber pro is a professional video downloader which has the ability to process rtmp video downloads.
    1. Run video grabber pro after installation.
    2. Click Advanced Video Recorder to open the built-in browser.
    3. Bring TVNZ video URL to address bar and press Enter key.
    4. The video downloader will auto-detect video and begin to download.

    It makes up the shortcoming in the first solution, the video downloading task will go smoothly even if you close the webpage. What’s more, you can download multiple videos at one time.

    TVNZ ondemand television is aims at providing the hottest TV shows and episodes to audiences. Although the videos are only available in New Zealand, international viewers can watch these videos on TVNZ YouTube channel. If you want to download TVNZ ondemand videos from YouTube, just try the free web service-video grabber. Besides, you can convert videos to other formats at will.

    Can you download TVNZ video?


    Olivia, thanks for your great help.
    I can download tvnz videos and episodes without problem.

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