• Can you help me convert MTV video to iTunes format?


    Can you help me convert MTV video to iTunes format?

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    I want to download a music video on MTV.com, I tried Firefox extension but failed. Can someone tell me how to download videos from MTV and convert to iTunes format? I need to put the video in my iPhone. Thank you for your help.

    Can you help me convert MTV video to iTunes format?

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    It is reasonable for failing in downloading the music video from MTV, because videos on MTV.com are protected by RTMP protocols from random downloading. Video DownloadHelper, an extension for Firefox, is just a tool to download common videos like youtube.

    Considering your situation, you gonna need a program to download your music video. Video Grabber Pro is a handy program to help you get what you want as it is good at this field.

    It not only downloads videos from well-recognized video-sharing websites, like youtube, dailymotion, metacafe etc, but also from those websites that are protected by the protocol of RTMP, like Hulu, Myspace, MTV etc.

    So the first thing you should do is downloading the music video on your computer, here are the steps:

    1. Install and launch the program
    2. Choose the option Advanced Video Recorder
    3. Enter video URL in the popup windows and click Go
    4. Automatically download when it garbs the video URL

    From above, it can be concluded that it’s an easy thing to download music video from MTV. If you want to download several videos synchronously, it’s not a big deal as this program can do it well.

    Next thing is converting the video into iTunes format. There is a unique option in the Tools, that is Add to iTunes, which is exactly prepared for you. Choose the option, click Add to import your video and click Start to transfer the video to iTunes.

    All the steps are done and perfect. Just follow the sequence.

    Tips: If the Advanced Video Recorder can’t grab the video URL, you can close the window and reload it. Or you can clear the IE Cache by clicking the icon in right corner of the window.

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