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    Cannot download Lynda.com Videos – Was downloading just fine

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    I was downloading videos just fine from Lynda.com via the online interface at videograbber.net but all of a sudden when I click the “Grab It” button it acts like it is getting the video but then nothing happens. Please help.

    Thank you !



    We have fixed the problem of downloading videos from Lynda.com.
    You can also use Video Grabber Pro to download and record videos from Lynda.

    and free online way to download from lynda, support Mac OS.
    Online Solution to Download video from Lynda



    I just tried it again and it still isn’t working. :cry:



    I have been trying to fiddle with this all day and I have discovered that it is only working with certain videos on Lynda, namely the first video in each chapter, but not the others.



    Some videos from Lynda.com may refused to download by users. Can you list some of the video URL here?
    We will test it and check if we can support



    Thank you very much for looking into it. Here are a few of the links that won’t play:

      • videograbberadmin89 : ==================================Lynda.com: You must be logged in to watch this video. Open a new browser window and log in from any page through the log in link in the top right corner.

        Hi, all of these videos are need to log in to watch.
        So the videograbber couldn't grab it.
        You can use Video Grabber Pro to download and record videos from Lynda.
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    @ videograbbersupport……I was just curious if you were able to take a look at the links I posted?




    Yes, I am aware that I need to be logged in to Lynda and I am. I also tried using video grabber pro and it would not download the videos either.


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    Hi, adc24048. After you log in Lynda.com and play the video which you want to download, you needn’t to paste the video url into download bar of videograbber pro. Just enable video recorder option, videograbber pro will detect the video and download it automatically.

    If this method still doesn’t work, you can take advantage of screen record function of videograbber pro. Good luck!



    Can Lynda.com detect if I am downloading their videos? I was downloading for a few days and all the sudden i get “cannot complete request, please call customer service at 800 *** ****. But its only for a few videos.



    Hi, mudzilla. I don’t think the site can detect that you are downloading videos. If you are a registered users, it is free for you to watch any Lynda videos. Perhaps the server is too busy or you came across some technical problems. Just try to download the video later. Good luck!

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