• Cant download anymore videos?


    Cant download anymore videos?

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    Hello plz help me i want to download more videos.

    The thing dont alow me to download more videos. Its says 10%.

    It shows:

    security Alert

    check the box below and click on Run to start the application, I run

    Then I get up this message: Java has discovered application components that may pose a security risk. Even if I click yes nothing happens the same with no. Loading stops at 10%

    What can i do?

    Cant download anymore videos?

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    Hey man,

    The problem mainly occurs in your Java cache, you have to delete temporary cache files before grabbing online videos, it’s nothing fancy to clear Java cache with the above link. After this, you need to refresh your web browser, then it’s normal to starting grabbing videos. The suggested browser for using are firefox and Google Chrome.

    If everything’s gonna be Okay, what follows is to watch this demo for online video download, i take YouTube as an example. Hope this helps.

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