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    Computer shuts down when converting videos

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    I am running VDC in Windows 7 64bit environment, and when I start converting a video, after 1 or 2 min the computer shuts down. I tried this on both my home PC and professionnal computer, with same environment, and I got the same problem. What do you propose?



    There is an option in the converting tap which is Shutdown computer after conversion, make sure you did’t choose that. :D



    Hello again,
    And thank you for your quick reply.
    The shutdown option was not checked. The computer shuts down far before the end of the conversion.
    The file I was trying to work on was 2 AVI that I tried to assemble into one.
    But I got the same problem with MKV file trying to convert them to MP4.

    Well, I actually found the problem, and it will be good for you to know.
    I have an updated computer, windows 7, 64bits, super antivirus and anti spyware… you name it.

    The problem was coming from unexpected source: dirty PC. I opened it, dusted off the fans and CPUs from mother and graphic cards.

    An now it is stable and working fine.
    This reminds me an older PC that was crashing some year ago when I was trying to play games with advance graphic features.

    It was my power unit that could not deliver what the hardware was needed.
    Power unit and dust are often the sources of such crashing problems.

    It would be good to remind it before going forward with software solutions.


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