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    Cool site sharing

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    I stumble upon a cool site -veevr, which has abundant of video resources. But I fail in downloading videos, so I am just wondering how can I do this except of using screen video capture tool. Thanks in advance.


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    Er, as far as I know. The videos on veevr only can be recorded by screen capture software. I have tried several video downloaders, none of it works.


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    Personally, I love this site, the videos from there are wonderful. However, due to copyright protection, videos from veevr cannot be saved as you usual do. Then, you can download veevr videos in an alternative way. For carrying this job fluently, you need to install an efficient program first. The one which I suggest you use is Video Download Capture. It has download, screen record, convert and more features. In order to download veevr videos successfully, you should utilize the record function.

    Firstly, open the video which you hope to download on veevr. Pause and let it have enough buffer time, the video will be played smoothly later. You can run the program now. Choose Record Screen to turn on the video recorder. Tick With audio option, or the recorded videos will be silent. And make a choice in Record region, we select Custom area most time when recording online videos. Now, you can play veevr video and start to record. Adjust the size of record box as you like, press F7 key to end record process.

    In this way, you are able to download veevr videos and any online videos. If you have interests, the recorder also can be used to create demo videos. Experience it by yourself, good luck!

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