• Couldn’t download Instagram videos to Android


    Couldn’t download Instagram videos to Android

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    Last week, I came across Instagram – an online service for Android users. Here I feel glad to share it with you.

    Instagram is an online social networking service that enables its users to share their beautiful moments with their friends by uploading photos and videos to this website. You can optionally choose the filters to transform your pictures or videos in accordance with your likings. This website creates you a platform where you could make new friends by commenting the photos or videos of them. Much to your pleasing, you can also share them on other social networking service, such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.

    However, when we cannot help marveling at its splendid features, we should notice one disappointing aspect of it – we could not easily download instagram video to Android. I have tried several different ways, but unfortunately in vain. I hope that I could get my desirable answer from this website. Many thanks.

    Couldn’t download Instagram videos to Android

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    First, I would like to express my great thanks to you for sharing with us this amazing service on our website. The time when I heard your problems, I have made several attempts, trying to fix it. There is one practicable application for you to download Instagram Videos as far as I know. It is Video Grabber. The following are the step-by-step guide for you.

    Step one: Enter this wesite http://m.videograbber.net/

    Step two: Open the web version of Instagram and log into your account.

    Step three: Find the video you want to download and Click on Watch It. Copy the URL of the video you want to grab.

    Step four: Paste the URL in the URL bar in Video Grabber webpage, and hit on Gab It button.

    Step five: Once you finish Instagram video download, go to your files to find your downloaded videos.

    Compared with some other software for Android, Download Manager for example, Video Grabber has its distinctive features for it doesn’t need installation. Therefore, you don’t have to worry the possibility to get your device affected with virus or get your Android stuck by installing an application. In general, it is an ideal Instagram video downloader that you can’t miss.

    By the way, if you often frequent Youtube, Dailymotion or some other popular video sharing website with your Andriod phone, this application could also give you a hand when you want to download videos from the above mentioned websites.

    Couldn’t download Instagram videos to Android

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    You can use insta downloader from playstore to download instagram videos and photos.

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