• Cut a part off a downloaded video, how?


    Cut a part off a downloaded video, how?

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    I have downloaded a video from youtube, and I am going to save it on my iphone. But I only need part of it, so the problem is how can I cut the part off the downloaded video or delete the part I don’t need. I hope someone can give me an answer, a program or a website is ok, just insure it works. Thank you very much.

    Cut a part off a downloaded video, how?


    Situation like yours can be solved by the Windows Live Movie Maker, it specializes in editing the video by splitting and deleting the video as you like. I often use it to make videos.

    Cut a part off a downloaded video, how?

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    I agree with your answer, it’s indeed a wonderful way to cut a part off the downloaded video. Except deleting the unwanted part, you are able to add animated effect to your video. But no matter how good it is, there is another more convenient way.

    The reason I recommend this way to you is that it combines downloading the video on your computer and editing your video together. All these functions are contained in a program, Video Grabber Pro.

    This program supports to download videos from many video-sharing websites, such as youtube, dailymotion, metacafe, vimeo and much more. Even if the video you desire to download is RTMP video, which is protected by the websites, you still make it as the program offer Advanced Video Recorder option to download RTMP videos like Hulu, Myspace.

    Don’t consider the step too complex, there are only two quick steps to download the video.

    1. Install the program and run it
    2. Play the video

    Due to the ability of automatically detecting the video URL and downloading it, everything becomes simple.

    It also works if you only want to cut a part off the downloaded video, you can trim and crop the video to the part you need. Speaking of the process, you can follow me.

    1. Choose the tab Convert, click Add to input your video
    2. Check Enable Trim to set the start and end time
    3. Click OK to save your desired part

    All is done, quick and simple. Hope it helps you, too.

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