• Discover cool videos on 13gb.com


    Discover cool videos on 13gb.com

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    13gb is a comprehensive video-sharing site which welcomes viewers to watch videos free. The most attractive point is, you nearly can’t find any annoying ads on this site, just open the online video and enjoy it directly. I think 13gb.com will be a prefect site if it gives users the right to download its videos. :roll:

    Discover cool videos on 13gb.com

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    Thanks for your recommendation.

    I visited the site and watched several videos there. It is great, I really gain a delightful experience on 13gb. Nowadays, most sites are filled with ads. Before enjoying a video, viewers are forced to waste 30 seconds or even one minute to watch the ads. 13gb is different, it is a clean platform and keeps us away from unnecessary interference as you stated. But, it is hard to save 13gb videos because the site doesn’t provide video downloading service currently. And if you really want to download videos from 13gb, why not try a professional video downloader?

    After making several tests, I found that Video Download Capture is the best 13gb video downloader. Just learn how to use it now.

    To begin the job, you should download and install the software. After launching it, please enable the video recorder. Next, you can open 13gb as usual and play a video. Within seconds, Video Download Capture will detect the video and download it automatically. In addition, you are able to download 13gb videos in bulk. Just open two or more videos, and then the video downloader can add them to download list one by one. The video download efficiency is determined by the video file size and your network speed. You can find the downloaded videos by clicking Open Folder button.

    With this method, you also can download videos from other video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, 5min, collegehumor and etc.

    Moreover, Video Download Capture features converting function. With the help of it, you can convert videos to any desired format. For example, 13gb videos are in FLV and it is not a standard format for iPhone, iPad and other portable devices. In this case, you can click Convert tab, add videos to it and set output format as MP4. After conversion, send videos to your gadgets and watch them whenever and wherever.

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