• Does anybody know how to download espn videos?


    Does anybody know how to download espn videos?

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    The 2012 London Olympics is coming, and I believe it gonna be splendid. So just in case that I wanna save the excellent moments of this game, does anybody know how to download videos from espn.com? It doesn’t matter even if I need to purchase a program, just tell me the way.

    Does anybody know how to download espn videos?

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    I believe you must be a big fan of Olympics, here I wish you enjoy a wonderful Olympics in advance. And personally, I also look forward to this Olympics. Of course, it is my pleasure to share you the way to download videos from espn.   ESPN is a well-known sports video websites, which includes different sport items like soccer, tennis, boxing, golf, racing, basketball etc. If you want to watch videos on Olympics, there is no doubt that espn can provide you with more comprehensive and related videos. But if you want to save your favorite videos for offline watching, then I suggest you do this with the help of a program. Because espn videos are protected by the protocols of RTMP, like Hulu, you are not allowed to download its video with the online video downloader like savid and keepvid.   On this condition, Video Download Capture comes in handy. It is a helpful program to download videos, especially RTMP videos. Within this program, you can use the function of internal detection which supports to download protected videos. For the sake of downloading espn videos smoothly, I make a list of procedures for you.  1. Install and launch Video Download Capture.  2. Hit the “Detect” tab on the program’s interface and play the designated video file with the built-in browser.  Then a pop-up window appearing at the lower right side will inform you that videos have been detected successfully and added to the download queue.  Another useful method you can take account into is external detection. It can help you grab some encrypted videos from specific video sharing sites like Hulu. Simply hit the “Enable detector” tab at the lower left side of the program to activate the function. Then play your preferred video online through major popular browsers and this smart software will auto-detect the video file within seconds and add it to the download queue at the same time. What’s more, this software also enables you to batch download videos simultaneously which for sure will save you much precious time.        

    It can be said this is the answer to your question, but more functions can be useful to you. For example, after downloading, you can convert your video files to other formats compatible with your portable devices, like iphone, ipod, psp etc. And when you are unable to download live streaming video, its built-in convertor is provided for you to record everything on your computer.

    This program lets you never miss a splendid match, and hence just save your Olympics video by using this software now.

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