• Can someone offer a good way to download 3d videos???


    Can someone offer a good way to download 3d videos???

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    I bought a TV set last week, which can broadcast 3d movies with good effect. But most of my videos are 2d, can someone tell me where to download 3d videos and how can i download them to computer with original quality. Thank you in advance!!! :P

    Can someone offer a good way to download 3d videos???

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    Watching movie is always the most welcomed way to kill spare time and seek pleasure. Some people like to go to cinema watching the latest films, especially those hot 3D films. Wearing 3d glasses to watch the million-dollar-paid film brings an awesome experience to people. Since the rapid growth of 3d technology, many big companies have produced 3d video players, TV set included, which allow people to enjoy the 3d eye feast at home. While, for the reason that a 3d film always has large size, if you want to watch it fluently while drinking a hot coffee, you’d better download it to your disk first. To help you solve the problem, I will offer you two handy ways to download 3d videos from the internet. After download the 3d film, you can also play it with your 3d TV set.

    Solutions to 3D videos

    1.Free App to download 3D videos online

    Since the fantastic visual experience brought by 3d images, 3d videos have attracted more and more eyes. If you keyboard the words “3d videos” on YouTube, you will find many 3d video clips been uploaded there. Of course, you can find many methods to download a YouTube video, but for a 3d video source, some may not promise the quality of 3d effects. Videograbber.net provides a download item option of HD format which would keep the original quality. Follow the main steps. You can free download 3d videos from YouTube online.

    • Copy the 3d video source link from youtube.com
    • Navigate to the site and paste the link address in the address box
    • Hit the “Grab it” button and permit the running of Java in the pop up window
    • Select “HD” in the video download item page
    • No sooner, this 3d video would be downloaded to your pointed folder then

    This free video grabber application can not only download 3d clips from YouTube, but also from other video hosting sites, like Vimeo, Metacafe, and Dailymotion. Well, while downloading, the Java program must be installed and permitted on your PC. Don’t worry for any other plug-ins or malwares.

    A tutorial here is giving details step by step:

    2.Desktop 3d video downloader

    Except for above free app, I would also like to recommend you a desktop 3d video downloader. Why do you need this program? Because, some videos are streamed through special protocol, such as RTMP and its variant RMPT, they cannot be captured by normal online apps. However, this desk top video download program is a professional video grabber which is furnished with an advanced detector (support RTMP). Now, let’s take the example of 3d video download from the site stereoscopynews.com.
    Download and install this program on your desk top. Follow the main steps given below.

    • Copy the URL of the 3d video
    • Launch the program and click “Advanced Video Detector(support RTMP)”(there’s a inbuilt browser)
    • Paste the URL in the address box of the pop up window and click the button “Go”
    • The video streamed in the inbuilt browser would be detected and be added to download automatically

    When the video has been captured, you can close the window, and the film will be downloaded soon. You can also watch it with its embedded player.

    Tips for Mac:

    If you are using Mac, this program is also available. Take the same instance as to download 3d videos from the internet. First, click to download and install the program on your PC.

    What the difference with on windows is you have to enable the detector first, and then enter the URL on the related interface. There’s a photo at your reference.

    3.How to Watch 3d videos with VLC Media Player

    If you go to the cinema to watch a 3d movie, you would receive a pair of 3d glasses from the staff, which would help you enjoy the amazing 3d images. But, if you like to watch a 3d movie at home with your computer, I would suggest you to install VLC media player. But you should give some settings to it. Now, follow the steps: Tools/Effects and Filters/Video Effects/Geometry/Wall/ROW-3, Columns-2/Close.

    Now, you should open a downloaded 3d movie with it. VLC will appear in a multiple windows, click one to full screen and you will get the 3D effect. If you have 3d glasses, the effect would be better. Enjoy your watching!

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