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    where to download Christmas videos

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    Hello, Merry Christmas! As the coming of Christmas of 2014, I feel so excited. I am preparing Christmas cards as gift for my friends, but I need many Christmas video as resources, can someone tell me where to download Christmas videos? Thanks a lot.



    Merry Christmas! If you want to download Christmas videos clips, the first idea come to your mind must be YouTube. That’s right, on YouTube you would find many merry Christmas celebrating videos and montages, such as:

    Best Christmas Songs 2014
    A Classical Christmas

    On these pages you would find lots of popular Christmas videos of this year.


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    Merry Christmas! Thanks for your answer. You can also find more funny Christmas videos from the sites below:

    Do you know that animals also have Christmas? On this page, you would receive special merry Christmas greetings from cat and dog.

    How’s your Christmas day? Warm, happy, or surprise. Sing a Christmas song for your family. Give out the best wishes for your families and friends.

    Do you dance? Christmas coming, you may want to show your happiness through dancing. Just make for fun, you would find out how people make fun on this page.

    Here is also an online download application which would help you free download Christmas videos from those video sharing sites.

    Best Way to download Christmas videos for free

    videograbber.net is an online service which can be used to grab video and audio files, which is available to many popular video sharing sites, like YouTube, Hulu and Metacafe. Taking Christmas video download as an example, what you need do is enter the URL of the file you desired in the searching box, and then click the “Grab It” button. What should be mentioned is you have to permit the running of Java while grabbing. After that, the file would be downloaded to your local folder soon.

    A memo here at your reference:



    HEY, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Do you need Christmas films? Ok, I would like to recommend you three ever popular movies concerned about Christmas. You may have watched them, then let’s review them together.

    1.Jingle all the way
    The story jingle all the way comes from a real life experience that two Christmas toys have been sold out on Christmas day. The movie goes around the struggle between two fathers both who want to buy a popular toy for their children as Christmas gift, but there’s only one left. Who’s going to get it? What’s your Christmas gift?

    2.The polar express
    Hey, do you want to take train to the North Pole to meet Santa clause on Christmas Eve? Take the Polar Express. Billy is so luck that he meets the train Polar Express. With the help of hero boy, he boarded it and met many friends including a loving girl, hero boy and the kind conductor. But the girl lost her ticket before punch, what will happen on the travel to North Pole? An excited experience is waiting for those kids.

    3.The Santa clause
    Merry Christmas! The Santa clause is coming. Do you know Santa clause? Scott Calvin dreams that on the Christmas Eve, he came across Santa clause on his roof, but unfortunately, Santa clause was scared to fall off by him, so he had no choice but to continue the job of giving out Christmas gifts. That’s a dream, but Scott wants to protect it, and he starts his real Santa clause practice in real life. Seeing what’s going on there.


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    Thanks for your sharing. I have seen those films, and there are so interesting, what are absolutely classics. If users want to keep these Christmas videos on PC, there’s a program you can rely on.

    Video Download Capture is a professional video downloader which can easily download episodes from the internet. This download software has a user friendly interface, now let’s see how use it to download Christmas videos. Some simplest steps you may follow:

    • Download and install the program on your PC.
    • Copy the URL of your desired Christmas film from a website.
    • Navigate to the program and paste the URL in the searching box.
    • Click “Add To Download” button, the video would be downloaded to your pointed folder.

    Tips for Mac:

    If you want to download Christmas video clips on Mac by this download tool, it’s also available.There is little difference in operation compared with on windows. When you have copied the URL, what you should do is click the “URL Paste” button on the interface, the video would automatically added to the download queue.

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