• Does anyone know how to download video from Ooyala?


    Does anyone know how to download video from Ooyala?

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    Does anyone know how to download video from Ooyala? Ooyala.com provides lots of great videos which were contributed by the top teams of the company. Well, I wanna save some video clips for personal likes. Can you do me a favor?

    Does anyone know how to download video from Ooyala?

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    Ooyala is a venture-backed company which provides online video technology products and services. On the page Ooyala.com, you could find many creative and high definition videos originated from Ooyala groups. Many users want to download Ooyala videos, some for personal likes; some want to take as reference for business. While Ooyala videos cannot be downloaded directly on its home page. In that way, a third part tool or application is very necessary. Base on a comparison of two often used programs, this page would give you a best choice.

    1.Download Ooyala video with Freecorder

    As we all know that Freecrorder is an often recommended tool which is to download video clips from various video sites. If you have installed this add-on on your PC, you can try to use it to download from Ooyala. If you’re not sure how to do that, you may follow the guidance next.

    First, download and install the tool from Vixy.net.
    Second, navigate to the video site in your browser.
    Third, click the eye-like icon of Freecorder on upper right corner of your browser, and choose Video Record in the option menu.

    Now, the video has been downloaded to your local disk. But many users feel frustrated with the continuous popup ads. For the reason that Freecorder is an ad based product. What’s more, if you are a Mac user, you may not have this luck to apply this tool, because this plug-in only compatible with IE, Chrome and Firefox. For these drawbacks, users are considering a more clean and powerful alternative.

    2.The best Ooyala video downloader-Video Download Capture

    Video Download Capture is clean and powerful software, which is becoming popular among video lovers. This program is free access to tons of video hosting sites, like YouTube, Vimeo, Blip etc. Different from Freecorder, it is ad-free software with no plug-in and malware, and this program also works on Safari.

    If you want to download Ooyala videos with this program, then you will find out that it’s easier and convenient than Freecorder. With an users friendly interface, this software can be easily handed. Taking Ooyala video download as an example, here is the main steps you can follow:

    • Download and install the program on your PC.
    • Launch the program and play the Ooyala video clip in your browser.
    • The video would be detected and added to download till the pop-up of inform window.
    • Check the download queue, and you can watch it while downloading.

    This program could be the best Ooyala video downloader. The sniffy detector can capture the streamed video and put it to download automatically.

    A memo here is at your reference

    Tips: This program is also available on Mac computer. Well, the Mac version has little difference in operation. You can do it just like this: First, you should copy the URL from the video site, and then directly go to the main interface and click the URL button. The video would be downloaded soon.

    Other Features of this Video Downloader

    This program is an all-in-one video downloader. Besides Ooyala video download like function, this program also has many other manifest features:

    1.Screen record is a big feature of this program. If you are a video lover, you may find out that a live program or video always cannot be downloaded directly. But you can record it. This program can record screen and audio in high quality.

    2.Another feature would be video convert utility, by which you can have a little bit process of your downloaded videos. Besides format convert, here you can also merge several clips into one document. Since some videos are very short, it would be troublesome playing one by one. Add the video clips on the board and check the operation “merge videos into one”. The videos would be merged into one soon.

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