• share a great Czech video site


    share a great Czech video site

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    Hey, you know what, there’s good Czech video sharing site, which domain is Stream.cz, where you could find a large amount of interesting and valuable videos. If you are interested in Czech language or fancy Czech’s life style, you could find many useful messages here, now, go and try!

    share a great Czech video site


    Thank you so much for sharing the website. Those videos enriched my study of Czech language, thanks again. Well, I want to watch those videos offline with my PC and portable devices. Can any friend offer a good trick to download from Stream? Thank you in advance.

    share a great Czech video site

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    This is indeed a popular site among Czech language users. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been to Czech, the videos there bring back my memories, and gain my knowledge about the country.

    To download a video from website, you could rely on some online apps or third-part programs. Here I would share you several ways downloading Stream video both via app and software.

    Applications for downloading Stream video

    If you search the item like “free download video online” on Google, the search engine would return thousands results, but you may not have much time to try one by one. Rest assured, here we will recommend two reliable solutions.

    1. File2HD.com –a free app online

    File2HD.com is a free web application to download any file from various websites. Here you have to paste the URL of your source file in the URL field. In prior to download the videos, you need to agree with the Terms of Service, otherwise the app doesn’t work. You could see how it works in the screenshot below.

    2. DownloadHelper-a pragmatic add-on for Firefox

    If you have Firefox on you PC, you can utilize this plug-in as a handy measure to download files that you’re browsing. Upon the installation of DownloadHelper, you will see an icon on the top right corner of the browser as illustrated in the graph below. Now you should open the video you want download from Stream.cz. When the download icon equipped on your browser flickers, you can hit on it and add the video into download.

    More Tips:The above two apps provide free solutions to download files from various sites, but they are not always available. These situations may result from unstable internet, or other glitches.And sometimes, it is not so convenient. For example, when you download video by File2HD.com, you may be troubled by such an inconvenience that you have to pick out the document you need from decades of different type files listed out in window. Such issues can be solved by video download program. Here I suggest you two programs which can download Stream videos fast and conveniently.

    Desktop software taken as stream video downloader

    1.aTube Catcher

    aTube Catcher is a widely used video download software, which can download episodes from many video sites. Download and install this software. Only by two steps, you can download a video from Stream. First, copy the video URL from the source page; second, paste the URL in the URL field. The video would be captured soon. See, this is so simple.

    2.Video Download Capture

    The name of this tool manifests its capability quite well. You are right. Video Download Capture, embedded with a sensible sniffer, is adept in downloading video and audio sources. For Stream videos which can be detected and downloaded automatically.

    After download and install this program on your PC, following the steps below:

    • Run the software before you watch your desired video on Stream.cz.
    • Play the video and wait a few seconds for the program adds your current video into download.
    • Resume to the program and you will see the download progress of videos being added this way.

    A memo here for your reference

    Now you can close the video in your browser, the video would be downloaded to your destination folder soon. If you have more videos to download, you can go to another page and play the video till the pop-up of detected notification.

    Tips: aTube Catcher vs Video Download Capture

    Comparing with aTube Catcher, Video Download Capture can detect the video automatically, which you just need to launch the software, no matter how many videos you want to download, they would be downloaded automatically and simultaneously. What’s more, this program is also equipped with an advanced detector which would grab some videos which streamed under RTMP (a more complicated protocol), or its variants, such as RTMPS, RTMPE, RTMPT. So if you are considering a powerful video download software, Video Download Capture would be a best choice.

    Tips for Mac users

    If you are using an Apple computer, then you should download and install another program, Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac.

    Launch the software when you have finished downloading it. Enable the detector with clicking. When the video loaded in the embedded browser, it would be downloaded automatically.

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