• Any advice on how to download horror videos?


    Any advice on how to download horror videos?

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    I’m a horror video buff and especially prefer to view gory scenes in the deep of night when I am alone. Is there any tool to help me download horror videos from related sites cause my web application doesn’t work. Many thanks.

    Any advice on how to download horror videos?

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    Hello Shelton, Nice to help you. Hope you can find the most appropriate answer here.

    It is unequal treatment for people who have preference to horror videos when they want to watch horror videos they find few special sites available. The mainstream media seldom mention and report this sort of video sites. However, usually you are able to find the latest horror videos released on various unnamable websites and cannot wait to download them instantly I suppose. Before long, your wild joy will definitely be replaced by the distress of the pirated videos of their blurry picture and unclear audio. Regardless of the questionable source (maybe carry virus or malware), to make things worse, you may get yourself into trouble because of your illegal infringement on copyright. If you are faced with the similar situation, you are welcomed to refer to the suggestion of where to stream licensed horror videos and the solution of how to download horror video lawfully.

    Part One: The Suggestion—Where to Stream Licensed Horror Videos

    Which one will scare you, a cute monster or a handsome vampire? I guess both not. With the growing popularization of the hit TV series Vampire Diary, we human beings’ opinion towards evil things has been altered. But it is nearly enough we only define them as cute or handsome cause there are other hair-raising evil things on the “Otherworld”. If you are the guy who enjoys the gory bloodbath, just take a look at the recommendation below to comfort yourself in a ghostly evening. PS: Nothing is worse than the interruption of some emergencies, for example, running out of your stash of videos or bad internet when you are at the climax of the video. The best way is to download horror videos on your PC instead. For further details, try part two.

    1. Hulu: Strictly speaking, Hulu is not a horror video site but still there is a selection around 40 horror titles. The collections are from 1950s to 2000s. But what frustrates us is Hulu now is unavailable out of America.

    2. Fancast: There is a selection of around sixty horror titles on Fancast but the collections are a little bit dated, which mostly is before 1990s.

    3. Asian-Horror-Movies.com: There is a selection near 500 horror titles. Most of them are post 1990. This site has combined collections from China, Japan, Thailand and a couple of other Asian countries.

    4. Jaman: If you are interested in horror videos from multiple countries, you should never miss Jaman. There are English horror videos, together with a good collection of horror videos in languages such as Hindi, Spanish, Swedish and more.

    5. Horror.com: This site features horror games which distinguishes it from other sites. Reviews of horror movie and game could help you know more about the movie and the game. But playing videos on this site needs iTunes supported.

    Part Two: The Solution—How to Download Horror Videos lawfully

    Nothing could be better than watching a horror video on an extremely boring weekday night without any interruption for horror video buffs. There are multitudes of horror videos for free watching and downloading online. For acquiring them legally and protecting your PC from virus, the best bet is to get them from official websites. But how can we make it since most official sites would rather their videos being viewed online than being downloaded while Video Download Capture could lend you a hand.

    Different from web-based applications which easily capture the video from mainstream video sites like Youtube, dailymotion and Vevo but hardly from other video sites like Horror.com, Video Download Capture, a third-party horror videos downloader, could settle nearly all video sites simply.

    For Windows OS

    Method One: Auto way

    • Download and install the program.
    • Access the web page which is playing the video and relaunch the program.

    • The inlaid video dector will catch the appropriate URL link of the video and add to download.

    Tips: You must have been aware of the fact that some videos could not be downloaded anyhow though you’ve got the URL link entered into an ordinary third-party tool. This is caused by the media transmission protocol. Videos which adopt different protocols are destined to influence the horror video download. Well then, you need an Advanced Video Detector to assist you.

    Method Two: Manual way

    • Download and install the program.
    • Access the web page which is playing the video and relaunch the program.

    • Copy the URL link of the video, paste it in the URL box and hit “Add to download”.

    • The video will be downloaded as soon as it is added into the download list.

    Considering people who are eager to view the video on portable devices anytime and anywhere with none cost of internet connection, Video Download Capture help you settle it since it can play roles as a video converter and recorder. The two affiliated functions make it quietly brilliant among all video downloaders.

    For Mac OS

    The appearance of Mac OS diversifies users’ experience toward PC, which makes horror video download different from Windows OS as well.

    • Download and install the program for Mac.
    • Go to play the horror video you wish to download and copy the link address.

    • Click on “Paste URL” on the interface and choose the format you want the video saved as.

    The functions of video downloader for Mac are similar to that of Windows version. It is also an integration of downloader, converter and detector.

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