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    I need a Howcast video downloader, help me find one

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    I watched some makeup video tutorials on Howcast and hope to save them to computer. While, I don’t know how to download videos from howcast.com? If you have any idea, please share with me.



    Internet download manage works for me.


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    Howcast is a nice site to watch how-to videos free. Most of the time, howcast videos will offer you solutions on how to deal with daily life stuffs. With regard to a howcast video downloader, you can give Video Download Capture a try. Based on my experience, it can download howcast videos quickly and flawlessly. You can get this app by searching in Google. Just install and run it. Next go to “Settings” > “Download”, then tick “Enable advanced detector (Support HTTPS)”. After that, resume back to the program’s interface and hit the “Enable detector” tab at the lower left side. Then just play your preferred videos on web browsers and within seconds a pop-up window appearing  at the lower right side of your PC will inform you that the videos have been detected successfully and added to the download queue. At this moment, you can check this video on the “Downloading” list. If you want to save time, just play multiple howcast videos simultaneously. The app has the capacity of downloading videos in bulk.   

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    I’d like to remind you that you can do more things while downloading howcast video. In the downloading list, you can right-click on video file name, then a small menu will pop up. There, you can rename the video, pause , resume downloading, etc. You even can preview the downloaded video with the built-in player. 
    When the download process finishes, you can locate the downloaded video from “Completed” list. In addition, the app possesses convert function and it can convert local videos and downloaded videos to a variety of video or audio formats. 
    Except of howcast, websites like ehow, videojug, wonderhowto, teachertube also provide you a large number of how-to videos. With the help of Video Download Capture, you can download videos from these sites with great ease. About concrete steps, just refer to the method to download howcast video.

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