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    Any suggestions on how to download movies from Flixster?

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    I’ve seen the trailer of The Wolf OF Wall Street on Flixster yesterday, which is starred by my favorite actor Leonardo. I want to download it to my computer, but I am a newbie and I do not know how, please help.



    To download Flixster movies, first you need to sign in with your Flixster account and go to your collection page to install the Flixster Desktop player. But it has limitations on computer system. You can get the exact information from its official website.

    After installation, you can download movies directly from the application. Pressing “All” at the sidebar of the app, and hit the blue arrow icon on the poster image of the movie you want to download, then the movie will begin to download.


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    Flixster provides the most comprehensive movie resources, and offers its users with movie trailers and information about the new and upcoming movies. Redeem UltraViolet, another prominent feature of the site, enables consumers to possess the digital version of the disc they bought, whether Blue-ray or DVD, by entering the redemption code. That means they could watch the purchased movies on multiple platforms and devices like smartphones, connected TV, computers, tablets.

    If you do not have the redemption code, and you want to download movie from Flixster to your local disc, the Flixster Desktop Player is an option. But as you said, it has certain restrictions towards computer system and it needs a 64-bit processor. So you may need an alternative third-party program like Video Download Capture, which is compatible with any systems, browsers, and video formats.

    A simple way to download Flixster movies

    Video Download Capture is an effective tool to download videos from most of online video websites in several clicks. And it is really a cinch to download movie from Flixster. Follow the steps below to get what you want from Flixster:

    First, click the button to download and launch the program after installation.

    Second, open the webpage of the Wolf OF Wall Street with your browser and play it. The program could detect the video being played and download it.

    Third, You can transfer videos to your iTunes directly after downloading completes. Click “tool” at the header, and choose “add to iTunes”. Then select the video you want to transfer and hit “Start”.

    Fourth, you can find the downloaded file by pressing the “open folder” at the lower right corner of the main interface.

    As you can see, it’s quite easy to operate. This friendly software is an ideal Flixster movie downloader, and it works for other video streaming sites too. Besides, it has other noteworthy features.

    Other features of Video Download Capture

    1. It is available to download videos of all kinds of streaming media protocols (like HTTP, FTP, RTMP) , which means that you can download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Hulu, Bebo, Orkut, Facebook etc.

    2. Record your screen activities with sound from system and microphone. You can save your game achievements, video conferences, or online videos to your computer.

    3. It is also embedded with a video converter, so you can convert your video to your preferred formats, including AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, FLV and so on.

    The software is a nice choice to download Flixster movies and is also a comprehensive tool of online video downloading, video making and video editing. You can give it a shot.



    Thank you for posting this. It is pretty nice to download movie trailers from Flixster with Video Download Capture. But more importantly, I need a solution to moving those movies I already have in my Flixster collection to iTunes, I tried many ways but it just keeps failing. Somebody help!


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    Enter the Flixster online support to submit a ticket. You can get an iTunes redemption code of your movie from Flixster Support Center by filling in your email address, the movie you purchased, and the redemption code printed on your * and DVD packages and some other questions, just fill in according to your situation.
    The support center would send you an email within several minutes with an iTunes redemption code. Then things become much easier. Navigate to the iTunes Store and enter the code at the “Redeem” webpage, then the movie would show up in your Download queue.
    Hope this helps.



    Hello Alice,

    I am just doing as you instruct, exactly right, I succeed in retrieving my code and moving those movies collection to iTunes. Thanks for your guide.



    Hi Alice,

    I’ve just submitted a ticket with the support and they are now saying they can’t offer a redemption code for iTunes. Is there anyway of getting around this?


      • Olivia : Hello, I am just testing it, and I get around this successfully. Maybe you can try it again with instructions above.
      • 2014-05-09 03:05 Reply

    The Solution

    In Windows PC, Flixster files are located here:

    C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\MAJOR_MEDIA_folder\Local Store\

    Every movie has its proper name with other numbers in the middle and finish with .mp4 extension.

    “MAJOR_MEDIA_folder” is for example “com.wb.DC2” for Warner Bros.

      • SpongeBlake : This doesn't appear to be true for me. I see nothing resembling "MAJOR_MEDIA_folder" after downloading my movie (yes, I know that's not what it would be called), and the folder size for "roaming" isn't anywhere near large enough to contain my movie.I do however see a "file" under C:\Users\myname\AppData\Local\Flixster\Storage\ that is large enough to be my movie, but there's no .mp4 extension or filename that makes sense to anyone that isn't a computer.
      • 2014-10-24 21:41 Reply
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