• How to download Nasa Videos


    How to download Nasa Videos

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    As an amateur of astronomy, usually I like to watch the space videos from Nasa. Now, I want to have the Nasa videos for offline viewing to learn further detailed knowledge from the space. But I failed when I tried nearly all the methods I could figure out, can anyone tell me how to download Nasa videos?

    How to download Nasa Videos

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    Nasa video is really a great source of provision of space information. For astronomy fanatics, the official website Nasa offers abundant of videos with contents highly education-oriented. It makes you have a visual tour of the heaven from a thorough angle because the lenses you are viewing through are coming from spacecraft’s camera but not telescope. It is really a good method for astronomy enthusiasts to save the Nasa videos on their computer, so they can have a detailed research on the image. The next paragraph will give three methods you can take into account to save your favorite videos.

    Method one:Free Online Application

    Many Nasa fans may have found that the website supports Nasa high definition video download directly from its official website. That is very kind to free share the alien world to global people with high quality display. However, many types of videos still can’t be downloaded from the website straightly. In the face of this circumstance, you can turn to another free online application. You can use this tool to realize the goal, if the videos are not online streamed or Nasa TV. You’ll find it is not a difficult problem that could frustrate you after make use of this application.

    The tool is easy to use that you only need to manipulate three steps to. First, you should open the website and find the download area. Then copy the video URL and paste it into the download bar. At last, click on the button of “Download” and you may see pop up window asking for java permissions. Remember to enable java and later it will list a menu of formats for your option. Select a preferred format and then it starts to download video from Nasa.

    Tips: you should take care that some video URL is not equal to the link address showed in the browser. Taking video gallery for example, if you unfortunately enter the website’s link address to the downloader, then the online application can’t capture or download any video file. The correct path is to right click on the video, choose “Get Video URL” and paste the right link into the download area. Then it will start to download.

    Method two: professional tool

    If Nasa video download failed through the above mentioned online way, then you can try another professional tool. As online application is unable to download all kinds of videos from Nasa, while this superior tool can support to download more kinds of source video files. With Video Download Capture, you can download videos under multi protocols, such as HTTP, FTP, RTMP and many others. If the videos are not encrypted or protected, you can turn to this tool to download Nasa videos. Before using it, you should download and install the software first.

    • Launch the software after you install it.
    • Keep the auto-detector run, which is activated by default.
    • Play the video and the detector will capture the video file automatically.
    • After it succeeds capturing the video, it will display a window offering formats to choose. You can save the videos into different formats such as MP4, MP3, WMV, AVI and many others.
    • Select a preferred format, and then it will start to download at an accelerated speed.
    • During the waiting time, you can play the video with built-in player.

    Extra Tips: Download Nasa videos by recording screen activity
    If the video you want to save is live streaming or Nasa TV, then there’s no solution to make it. However, you can save the video by making use of an alternative method, record screen. This is a best method which can be commonly applied. After acquiring the skill, you can save any video or footage of a movie regardless of any yokes including video limitation, encryption or protection.

    The process is very simple that you can go on as follows.

    • Turn to the second tab of “Record Screen”.
    • Customize the target video by personalizing the audio and screen region. You are allowed to record with or without audio, even more you can record the audio only. As per record region, you can adjust according to your needs. If you want to upload it to a website, then you can make the ratio 16:9, which popularly matches most of the video-sharing website.
    • Then you can click “OK” and it will start to record.
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