• Can somebody help me download SlideShare videos?

    Winnie Swan

    Can somebody help me download SlideShare videos?

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    I am used to viewing videos on slideshare. Sometimes when I come cross a video with delight I really want to save it to my desktop instead but I do not have an account. Recently, I’ve found some useful videos for my thesis presentation. I wanna download it directly without any login. It’s really urgent. Can someone help me? Thanks a million.

    Can somebody help me download SlideShare videos?

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    Dear Winnie,
    Glad to help U. Please make reference to the following content.

    Slideshare is a web-based slide hosting service in which users could rate, comment on and share the content on the site. Originally launched for sharing slides for business, this website keeps expanding its content and hosts a surge of media files for various categories. File types like presentations, infographics, documents and videos are fully open for the public to enjoy and share.

    But download from Slideshare is impossible without the authorization of the file owner. Even though slideshare forbids its users to download videos directly from this site, it allows them to share videos to the world via the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. For people who prefer to view instant videos without internet connection, it cannot be agreed more with the opinion to save the videos in our portable devices for viewing on the go. But how can we download it directly from slideshare.net? Here will show you a way to download slideshare videos bypassing those social sites.

    Economically ways to download slideshare videos

    Method One:The simplest way–Video Grabber

    Without subscription or installation, you’ll find Video Grabber come in handy for it easily settles everything for you without installation. As a web-based application, video grabber makes it possible to download in the format suitable for your portable devices along with the original quality. Attention here to know more about the details:

    1. Go to access the home page of video grabber.

    2. Copy link address of the slideshare video you want.

    3. Paste the link into the URL box and hit “Grab it”.

    4. Right click on the “Download” button and choose “Save link as”.

    You are welcomed to view the video demonstration below to get further idea.

    For enjoy a video at all times, it cannot be better to own a tool which helps you convert the video adaptable to your any other devices. Video Grabber will be entirely relied upon if the format is not included in the options because a converter is built into it. The steps are extremely easy.

    1. Click on “Convert Video” and hit “Browse” to find the video you intend to convert.

    2. Convert the video by following step one, two and three.

    video grabber has extreme functions other than video to MP3, convert video and video recorder but it also has the common drawback of all web-based tools – the processing speed highly depends on internet connection. Even though Video Grabber could grab most of online videos, some videos won’t be saved on your pc if they are transmitted or protected by RTMP, a secure media protocol. In such a case, the link you pasted in the URL box won’t work in this web-based application. Method two below will push you out of the dilemma.

    Method Two:The all-around way–Video Download Capture

    If you intend to download slideshare videos in batches, video download capture, an advanced version of video grabber, will make it become a reality. You’ll not be troubled with the dementing net speed though videos are being downloaded simultaneously since Video Download Capture allows its users to setup the download speed. As a complex of downloader and converter, video download capture customizes the formats and sizes for your any available devices. All you need is the url of the page that has the video you wish to download. Enter it in the url box on the main interface and then simply hit “Add to download”. The pro will fetch the download links in all possible formats. Below is a step-by-step tutorial telling you how to download slideshare.

    1. Click to download the program.

    2. Install the app and run it.

    3. Copy the url of the video page, paste it into the url box and hit “Add to download”.

    Tips: Assisted by the technique of auto-detect, the pro will download the video automatically once it detects the video on air.

    For downloading batches of videos, you can refer to the following steps:

    1. Hit “Add batch urls” on the interface.

    2. Enter the urls of the videos you gonna download and click on “Add to download”.

    3. All the videos will appear in the download list and it will start to download them.

    Video conversion via Video Download Capture

    For converting the video to fit your devices, you are able to refer to the steps below.

    1. Right click on the video which can be found in the download panel.

    2. Choose “Add to convert”, hit “Profile” option and you can pick the format for the video.

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