• Solution to download Streamin video


    Solution to download Streamin video

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    Hello, recently I found a very good video hosting site where users can free upload any personal video clips. That’s very interesting. I have invited many friends enjoy the online service, so now we can share our best moments with each other. But, I got a question, how can I download Stream video to my PC? I wanna keep some favorite clips, do you have a solution?

    Solution to download Streamin video

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    Thank you for your share Charles. There are suggestions given out below. They will help solve all problems.

    Streamin.To is an online video sharing service, which offers free online video storage/remote backup capacity and stable video streaming with high speed. The service is free of charge, which allows users to share video on video page or from My Videos page.

    Many users may want to download Streamin video to their computer disk, so that they can view them offline or import to digital devices. But, a normal download application or program may not help doing that, because Streamin video are streamed through a special protocol-the RTMP or its variants. Did you ever use the Video Download Capture? This program can easily download such videos. If not, the following description would give you a clear understanding.

    Streamin Video downloader

    This video download program is almost the utmost video-download problem killer. It can fast download any http dynamic streaming videos with its sniffy video detector, what’s more, an embedded browser allow users to grab videos streamed through special protocol such as RTMP.

    This desktop application has a user-friendly interface, users can easily learn to make it. Main steps on how to download video from Streamin.to have given out.

    • Download and install the app on your PC.
    • Launch the program and Click the “Advanced Video Detector (support RTMP)”.
    • Navigate the video you desired on Streamin.to, and Copy the link address of the video.
    • Paste the URL in the address box and click to “Go”.
    • Check the download task.

    All in all, Streamin video download with this program is simply to browse the video in its inbuilt browser, once the video being streamed it would be captured and put to download.

    If you want to make the video more suitable to your digital devices, like smartphone, iPad or other portable players, it can help you to convert the video to your likes too. Follow the tips.

    Tips to process your Streamin video

    Besides to download from Streamin, the Streamin video downloader can also convert and edit your downloaded video clips.

    Video Convert: There are many formats possible for you to choose from, including FLV, MKV, AVI AND MP4, and special quality for Apple, Android and Sony products.

    • Click “Convert” function and “Add” the downloaded video.
    • Choose the output format & quality, then hit to “Start” convert.

    Video Edit: Users like to upload videos to Streamin.to may need to edit his works, like trim the length, crop its size or add some screen effects. Well, this program would help you realize these.

    Download Streamin video on Mac

    Users using Mac computer would be highly recommended to use Mac video downloader downloading from Streamin.to. This Mac video download program has several inbuilt browsers to choose from, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IOS and Android Kernel, which promise to load any online video program and detect to download.

    • Download and install the app on your Mac.
    • Select “Detector” and paste the video URL from Streamin.to.
    • Choose a browser and click “Go”.
    • Check the download list after the detecting notification.

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