• cannot download Twitter videos?


    cannot download Twitter videos?

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    Recently, i opened a Twitter account. It’s so funny to post tweets there. I shared many Vine video clips on Twitter, and those clips become popular among friends. Well, i found out that some Twitter videos can be saved easily, but others cannot. Can somebody offer a best a best solution?

    cannot download Twitter videos?

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    As an online social network service, Twitter was launched in 2006, which has gained more 500 million users and over 340 million tweets been posted per day. Since it has been founded, Twitter has always been improving its services for users. In 2010, “New Twitter” was rolled out, which enables users to share pictures and videos, supported sites include YouTube, Flickr and Vine. And Vine is a video clip company, which was acquired by Twitter in October 5, 2012.
    Since Vine joined Twitter, its 6-second video clips have been widely shared among users. Some most favorite clips even have been shared thousands of times. Users may want to download Twitter videos to their PC for later playback or save them as favorites. Well, if you tried that, you might have find out that some can be saved easily, while others may not be allowed. To make a comprehensive understanding, ways to download videos from Twitter have been shared here. Keep on reading. Focus on three different kinds of videos shared on Twitter, three related methods have been provided.
    Method 1.Right click to Save Twitter videos directly
    Short video clips are becoming welcomed, because for most people, they are busy with their works without much time enjoying a full length movie, but they are eager to share best moments with friends. Vine’s 6-second clips have been shared very fast since Vine joined into Twitter. Vine users now can share their short clips in Twitter circle of friends.
    You may want to download Twitter videos free to your PC for offline viewing or take as personal likes. Luckily, part Twitter videos clips can be downloaded directly on the page. Just right click it and select “save video as”, the clip can be easily kept to your pointed folder.

    However, other part video clips shared on Twitter cannot be downloaded directly on the page, including the videos shared from YouTube and Vine. Follows are the methods to download those videos from Twitter. Keep on reading to get the details.
    Method 2.Free grab YouTube videos shared on Twitter
    As it is known to all, some video clips from YouTube are embedded on Twitter. But those videos cannot be fast saved in right-click menu, because they belong to the third part video source of YouTube. There, you need another application that allows downloading YouTube videos.
    Video Grabber is such a highly recommended online video download service provider, which is a very handy method to download videos from YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion and many other video sharing sites. Now, it can also download Twitter videos online. Follow the main steps below.

    • Right click the YouTube video shared on Twitter and choose “copy the link “.
    • Visit the videograbber.net through browsers and paste the URL in the search box.
    • If you are the first-time user, you are required to install the launcher for only once. Then simply click “Download” tab.
    • Select the format and save it to your PC.

    Video Garbber

    Method 3.Way to download encrypted Twitter videos 
    Some Twitter videos are encrypted by providers or Twitter users, which also are not allowed to be downloaded directly there, including many Vine clips. To save those videos to your computer, you may turn to the help of another download tool. If you don’t have a reliable one, this Twitter video downloader would satisfy your needs most. 
    Video Download Capture is a professional video download program which could download videos from almost any sites. It can successfully download videos in three ways- auto-detect video URL and download, enter video URL to download and download RTMP video with advanced video recorder. 
    For all Twitter video, there’s an option to “View on web”, click it, it will lead you to the video source page. Now copy the link address of the video, with the help of this video downloader, the protected Twitter videos can be fast downloaded. Follow the three main steps below. 
    1. Click “View on web” and copy the Twitter video URL from the original page. 2. Launch the video download program. 3. Hit the ” Paste URL” button and then the video will be added to the download queue automatically.
    download youtube

    Actually this is a best Twitter video downloader, as it mentioned above, this video downloader can successfully download online videos in three methods. Enable its auto detector, it can automatically detect and download those loop viewed video clips on Twitter while the YouTube and encrypted Vine videos can be directly downloaded through the URL method.

    cannot download Twitter videos?


    I know easy way to download videos form twitter – Catch Tube – Free Online Video Downloader

      • Boran Jeff : Actually this is a best Twitter video downloader, as it mentioned above, this video downloader can successfully download online videos in three methods. Enable its au
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    cannot download Twitter videos?

    Tokia Joshu

    VideoGrabber is a good option. I use it a lot when I want to download Twitter videos. Just grab the tweet url, head over VideoGrabber and paste it here. Its just that easy. On iPhone or iPad, it’s a bit more complex, you can take a look at this post.

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