• Sharing a live stream sites – cool


    Sharing a live stream sites – cool

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    Hey, friends. Have you heard about Vaughnlive.tv? It is a wonderful place where you can open your online program to share ideas and experiences. I am so glad that I can share my favorite songs, tell my stories and even got fans there. Join us in Music Cafe. :mrgreen:

    Sharing a live stream sites – cool


    Yes, I loved the website so much that I would spend at least one hour on it every day. However, I got a problem. How can I download the videos on it? I’ve tried many ways, but failed at last. Can someone give me any suggestions? :?: :?:

    Sharing a live stream sites – cool

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    Hey friend, thanks for sharing this great website. I love the website too. Vaughnlive opened a space for individual to have a program online, there who can also find friends. Whenever you have any ideas, you can share on it. And there’re many good videos,while how to download from Vaughnlive may puzzled users for long, here are my suggestions.

    1.Solution one – easy screen recorder

    People might have tried to download Vaughnlive video directly on the page, but most failed, i suppose. Because, Vaughnlive video is a live broadcast platform which provides videos without source link, so it is hard to download clip from it. however, you can still record the videos directly to preserve them. In order to do so, you will need a liable recorder.

    What do you care most about screen recording? Definition and audio quality play the most important part, I guess so. Some people may care about the size or format of the recorded videos. Here’s one software which may satisfy you.

    Screen Video Grabber

    1. Install and launch the program.

    2.open the video on Vaughnlive.

    3.start the recording on your desired screen area.

    4.This program can also record audio only.Under the start menu, choosing Audio only and relevant format like MP3, WAV, WMA.

    More tips of this software

    • Make sure that your system doesn’t play any other sounds other than the target video, which is to eliminate the noise in your audio.

    • While recording, use hotkeys to control the process, like pause, resume and stop, which could be more convenient and flexible.

    • The system would save the recorded video as WMV by default. If you want to download vaughnlive video into other formats, such as FLV, 3GP, MP4 etc. Luckily, this program can help you convert it.

    • If you want to add narration or a piece of music as background,then you should set the Audio Input as both system sound and microphone before recording.

    2.Solution two – a powerful video downloader

    Some broadcasters may also publish the videos on other platforms and provide the links. As long as you got these links, you are able to download them. If you are looking for a good downloader, here’s a good choice.

    Video Download Capture is designed for downloading videos from various video hosting websites. It is very fast and simple to use.

    If you want to download Vaughnlive video by it, you should find the source address and do it as the following steps.

    1.Play the video you want to download.

    2.Copy the URL into the search bar.

    3.Choose your desired format and quality.

    4.The video would be added into the download list automatically.

    For some highly protected files, you can use its advanced detector which contains a built-in browser facilitating to grab some encoded videos that streamed through special protocol such as RTMP.

    Download the latest version. Try to download Vaughnload video with it.

    What’re more options of this software?

    1.If you want to download several videos at the same time, then you should add the URLs into the batch download board.

    2.The program can also help to convert video into a target format. Add the video in and choose your desired format, besides, video editing is also available.

    Another Program for Mac

    If you are a Mac user, you should install Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac.

    There’s a little difference in operation. You should copy your desired video link, and then click the “Paste URL” button and choose an appropriate format and quality. The video will be downloaded.

    More tips on Mac

    • Specify the settings of detector to avoid unnecessary ads. Such as minimum size and excluded file types.
    • Schedule the download time as you wish. For example, pre-determined the start and stop time; set a further step when the program finished the download as shut down, sleep and other applications.

    Above two solutions and relevant tips may help to download from Vaughnlive.

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