• A convenient way to download videos from Space.com


    A convenient way to download videos from Space.com

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    As a teacher for geography, I’m very interested in astronomy, the stars movement and out-space findings always touch my nerves. I always log in Space.com which provides plenty of the latest news on space exploration. Well, I always need to use some videos to guide my students, but this website is not allowed downloading, so I often record the screen with Snagit, a popular used print-screen tool. While recording with this program, you should set the capture content as video capture, recording the screen on your desired area. The recorded video will be captured in Snagit Editor after you stop it. It’s a handy method, but this method is so inconvenient, because you have to stay aside to get an exact length and to record under good internet access, what’s worse, the quality is not so good. Can anyone share a better way to download Space videos? :?: :cry:

    A convenient way to download videos from Space.com

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    Thanks for sharing the way of recording Space video. Actually, Snagit is more expert in print-screen, whose screen record function is very minor. If you like to record the screen, the program Screen Video Grabber is more suitable, which is quite easy to operate and promises a better quality.

    But if you want to find a more convenient way, then you should download the video through its source link, the URL. So a video downloader would satisfy you. You may try this one next, it is an all-in-one program, which could be a top Space video downloader.

    Video Download Capture

    Video Download Capture is a professional video downloader with a user friendly interface, which is available to most popular video sharing websites, like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. It also offers multiple choices of format, such as HD, FLV, 3D etc. which make the video suitable for different devices. Download and install the latest version.

    Following the steps, you could get you favorite Space videos fast.

    • Open the software.
    • Play your desired video in the browser, the video would be detected automatically.
    • The Space video would be added into the downloading line.

    This is a rather convenient way to download Space videos which you can put it aside and close the browse when the video has been captured. Besides, the video has the same quality with the original source, and with a welcomed format of MP4, which is free to almost all players. The memo here would guide you.

    There are more tips on this software

    First, before download Space videos, a little bit settings of the program would be helpful. When you open a video on Space.com, several ads clips will also pop up which could be detected by the program and being downloaded simultaneously. It wastes time and slows down the downloading speed. How could you fix it?

    Open options menu. In general settings, you would see two options at the bottom of detection size and excluded media type. Set the detection size above 7000KB, ads would be blocked. You can also point the download output folder, so that you can put the video right in your desired folder after you download from Space.com.

    Second, if you need to transfer the Space videos to your Apple products, you can add them to iTunes in tools option.

    Third, if you don’t need the whole length of the downloaded Space video, you could trim it. Go to the interface of convert utility and click “Video Edit”.

    Tips for Mac

    If you are a Mac user, then you should download and install Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac, another version for Mac. When using this program to download Space videos, you need to pay attention to the differences. Download and install it. Do it as follows:

    1. Launch the software, and enable the detector.
    2. When the video has been loaded in the embedded browser, it would be captured soon.

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